In this article, you will find an honest 300 Internet Marketers Review – the brand new coaching course from Brian Johnson. Please note that this review is based on my personal opinions and experiences after participating in Brian’s coaching and training courses in the past few months. I’m in no position to guarantee your success here. My role here is to introduce and share with you some insightful info about the product so that you have some sense to make an informed purchase decision.

First thing first, if you are looking for some great bonuses to go along with this product, please go to 300IM BONUS PAGE. I offer a lot of cool bonus products for free (for those who choose to sign up through my link). These are high-quality bonuses that I hand picked personally to complement this training program.

If you are here to read a full review, then please read on…

Now, let’s get right into business…

What is 300 Internet Marketers?

It is an in-depth coaching and mentoring program that will give you personal access to Brian Johnson and the exact marketing system he used to earn half a million dollars online in 2010. The program will focus on a PROVEN affiliate marketing system as well as product creation and sales funnels. ALL the course content have been tried & tested in the trenches and are proven to work. They are, in large part, based on the techniques and strategies Brian have personally leveraged over the last several years that make him one of the top Internet Marketing Entrepreneur in the world.

In this review, we are not going to discuss about Brian Johnson and his profile as you can easily search Google and read about it yourself. We will talk more about the content of the program.

Inside the member’s training area, you will get to access webinars, tutorial videos, blueprints, reports and action guides. Also included will be a premium WordPress theme (currently selling for ), a private mentors forum, and access to a paid link building network (currently selling for per month). A link building network is very important to get your sites ranked high on Google. As member, you get to access this network for free where others pay per month.

The value included in this program is simply amazing! You got to see it to believe!

Let’s me give you a glimpse of what you will be getting inside…

300 Internet Marketers will include ALL the following:

1. Webinar Series #1: 90 Day Spartan Six Figure Affiliate Blueprint

The webinar series will run for 3 months, this is a very intensive live coaching & training that focuses on a proven Affiliate Marketing System called: “90 Day Spartan Six Figure Affiliate Blueprint”. All members will have the opportunity to attend live weekly webinars that will guide them through the entire process of building real and six figure online business. The series will focus on establishing a solid foundation for creating highly profitable and long-term businesses.

2. Spartan Six Figure Blueprints (Core Manuals, Reports & Mindmaps)

The coaching program not only includes live webinars but also various blueprints, reports and mindmaps revealing the very methods Brian uses to dominate online.

3. Spartan Six Figure Blueprint Tutorial Videos

You will also get many watch-over-the-shoulder tutorial videos so that you know exactly how to implement and execute the steps outlined in the blueprint.

4. Webinar Series #2: Live No-Pitch Expert Webinars with Industry Leaders

The fastest way to become successful in Internet Marketing is to follow and implement what has been proven to work! The most effective way to do this is to copy the system used by those who are already successful – DO NOT reinvent the wheel! So, as a member, you will have the opportunity to attend “no pitch” expert webinars with industry leaders such as Alex Goad, James J. Jones, Daniel Morley, Kevin Rogers and others.

5. Webinar Series #3: August 2011 – 4 Webinars (weekly)

300 Internet Marketers will continue to build upon the solid foundation which was set in place during the previous months. Webinars will focus on leveraging additional traffic sources such as video marketing, JV partnerships, product launches and more. Webinars will take place at a minimum of twice each month.

6. Live Case Study with Brian Johnson

Members will have the chance to watch over Brian’s shoulder as he releases an Internet marketing related product into the marketplace. Every detail will be explained from conception to the first sale and beyond. Basically, you will be taken by the hand and guided through the entire process of launching a new product to making the first sale online.

7. Premium WordPress Theme (worth )

All members will receive a Premium WordPress theme for free! This premium theme is very simple to use and is one of the best theme for online marketing. You cannot go wrong if you are using it as your main theme for all your affiliate sites, squeeze pages and bonus offers. The benefit here is that you no longer need to buy another premium wordpress theme for your business or spend hours trying to find a free theme that will suit your need.

8. Premium Paid WordPress Plugin: Google Video Sitemap Plugin

Members will have 1 year of free access to the powerful Google Video Sitemap Plugin. This plugin sells for per year and offers tremendous effectiveness in its ability to get pages ranked very high on Google with little to no effort. The course content will also cover an in-depth video marketing blueprint which will ensure that you get full advantage of using videos for generating targeted traffic to your sites.

9. 3 Months Access To a Powerful Link Building Network (worth per month)

Link building is the most important process of ranking your web pages on the first page of Google and other search engines. This network will save you a lot of time and money in building quality backlinks to your sites. This is the same network that Brian has been using for over a year and it is truly effective.

10. 300 Internet Marketers Private Mentors Forum

This is a private member only forum available to all members for asking questions, for getting help and for motivating one another. The forum itself is very active as the author himself visits the forum daily to provide support, to offer advice, to resolve challenges and to answer questions.

To recap…

300 Internet Marketers is a very in-depth training cum coaching course. Everything covered in this course has been proven to work. Of course you will need to make an effort to study and follow the strategies and methods taught inside the program. There are a lot of information inside, please do not hurry and skim through every section, you should study materials and take action according to your own pace and schedule. The program can only encourage and motivate you to take action, YOU must be responsible for your own success!

Thank you for reading my 300 Internet Marketers review, hope it has provided you enough info to make a good buying decision.

For more information about this program, please visit the 300IM Official Site.?

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