WordPress is the ultimate blogging platform and it seems that won’t change anytime soon. Thanks to the plugin system, it’s very easy to implement new functionalities to our blog, without writing a single line of code.

There are thousands of WordPress plugins out there, but you need to pick the gems from the mud. As the blogging platform evolves, most WordPress plugins become obsolete due the lack of updates, which can become a nuisance.

So, without further delays, here are the nominees:

1. WP Super Cache: This nifty tool will make your pages load faster and generate static versions of your blog, which requires less CPU processing. This will allow your site to stay on a shared hosting account a little longer, allowing you to save money on the long run.

2. Simple Archives: It baffles me when bloggers write hundreds of pages and don’t bother creating an archive which shows all posts in chronological order. Besides giving your readers an easy way to check their favorite articles, it generates more page views for your blog.

3. Akismet: There are many anti-spam plugins out there but Akismet is still the best spam fighter. When you activate this plugin, you’ll kill 99% of the spam that targets your blog. This way, you can spend your time what you love most: creating content and interacting with your audience.

4. All in One Seo: If you optimize your blog properly for the search engines, you’ll get an influx of traffic without lifting a finger. Of course, you need to know how search engine optimization (seo) works and that takes time. Fortunately, this plugin does all the work for you. All you need to do is to give a title, a description and some keywords for each post you publish.

I didn’t mention any social plugins because because they deserve their own article.


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