In the previous article (4 Essential WordPress Plugins For Your Blog) I shared with you some plugins that I always install on my blogs and despite their importance, we really need a few additional plugins that allow you generate social traffic and promote your social profiles.

Like you would expect, there are thousands of social plugins out there, and I would be lying if I said I tried them all. Still, I installed several of them and I’m convinced you’re gonna enjoy my recommendations.

In no particular order, they are:

Top Commentators: a sidebar widget that displays the top commentators in your blog by showing their names, comment count and a link to a site of their choice. It’s a flexible plugin, so you can easily customize it to fulfill your needs.

Add to Facebook: I bet you heard about Facebook. How could you not? It’s everywhere! This plugin will add a footer link to add your post (or page) to a Facebook mini-feed. There are plenty of blogs out there that get tons of traffic from this plugin alone.

Twitter ReTweet: while Twitter isn’t as big as Facebook, it’s still the 2nd most popular social network and it would be a mistake to ignore it’s audience. The plugin allows your visitors to quickly and easily retweet the current article.

Sociable: This plugins adds tons of social media buttons from all sorts of sites to your posts. There are more networks besides Twitter and Facebook but in my experience their traffic doesn’t convert very well. Still, every bit of help counts and that’s why I use it.

Don’t bother installing more social plugins because it’s not worth it. If a post on your blog goes viral on Twitter or Facebook, everyone will know it. Installing more plugins will slow down the site and clutter the sidebar with useless widgets.


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