If you’ve got an online business for mlm marketing, then you’re probably just like so many others who appreciate automation. There are countless mundane activities we need to do on a daily basis. When we do this, obviously we are freeing up a lot of time which is critical in so many ways. We need to market and create traffic each day, depending on what you do, and gaining more time is equivalent to making more money. Today we provide a review of Leslie Bogaerts’ Content Wizard WordPress plugin. This plugin essentially is a tool to facilitate the whole content management process for your weblogs. Leslie not too long ago upgraded Content Wizard for autoblogging, and that’s not the only upgrade she has performed.

If you’ve got a mlsp blog, even just one, then you realize how time consuming they can be. A simple blog post can involve creating new pages or categories, writing tags, working with SEO plugins, and other things. On the front end, you can post content with just one mouse click with Content Wizard. But no worries about managing post location because you can designate particular categories per post. That should provide some peace of mind as you can rest assured your posts will appear in the proper categories.

Having said that, there are a lot more benefit rich features available to you for network marketing leads. The vast majority of blog owners rely on search engine rankings for traffic. Well, there is a feature for creating tags for all your posts that will decrease time spent. We are uncertain how that ability will integrate with your SEO related plugins, to be fair. But I consider you can have all your questions answered by Leslie regarding specifics.

We understand you want hear about what exactly is possible for taking care of your content. Certainly you will have the power to schedule all future postings according to time and date. Then there is the autoblogging upgrade that is very new, and that will be nice for some of you. We know autoblogging has been pretty hot for quite a while, so that should be appealing to many of you.

PLR will remain popular with many, and Content Wizard has an exciting feature for those who really like PLR blogs. Basically you will be able to make your PLR articles one of a kind for SEO purposes. We may wonder how well this might be able to handle a human review by search engines; so do keep that thought in mind.

Additional goodies for Content Wizard consist of an unlimited license, and you can use on whatever number of your sites with no limitations. Naturally the upgrades are free for life which is nice albeit not unusual. No hassles involved if you really like to flip sites as you can use this plugin without restrictions. If you’ve got a blog building business, you won’t need to purchase a developers license.

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