With the DMP-BD60 from Panasonic, the Full HD video and 7.1-channel studio-quality audio for that Blu-ray Disc is apprehend is solely the beginning. Dive into online audio and video: stream Pandora radio or Netflix movies, tweet on Twitter, explore on-line bonus options or participate in on-line gaming, and more.

Other options of the DMP-BD60 include compatibility with a wide selection of disc formats (as well as standard DVD movie discs), Energy Star certification, and Panasonic?s VIERA Link perform?permitting you to operate multiple audio/video parts using a single remote via HDMI.

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The DVD playback on the DMP-BD60 is among the simplest folks have seen. The image quality is prime-notch, boot-up time is fast and also the streaming video feature, called Viera Forged ?, works nice, permitting seamless watching of videos from Netflix, Amazon VOD and YouTube, among others.

Here are some nice features of the DMP-BD60:

* PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus for devoted and sharp color replica
* BD Live and BonusView so you’ll connect on to the Net to access bonus features, games and movie studio extras
* SD memory card and USB slot thus you can enjoy precious reminiscences in HD
* High precision 4:4:four
* 24p cinema mode
* 7.1ch lossless audio decode and bit-stream output
* VIERA Link
* ENERGY STAR rated consumes 10 % less power than DMP-BD35

Setup time is but fifteen minutes and it is really simple to urge the DMP-BD60 plugged into the surround sound amp. The sound from the Blu-Ray is probably the foremost wonderful part of this technology. The sound puts you right in the middle of the movie.

Here?s what one in every of the homeowners had to mention concerning the DMP-BD60:

DVD/BluRay performance was excellent and boot up time was the fastest I?ve ever seen. The colors are made as you would expect from a well engineered player. [Netflix] Solely one word covers this: very good! Continuous HD quality. Resolution, colours, textures, movement, audio, etc? all are a hundred% excellent and perfect. The DMP-BD60 has exceeded all expectations. (S. Smith)


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