For new blogger the most simple and easy way to make money is display Google Adsense on their blog. This article will talk to WordPress bloggers who are interesting in making money with their blog.

WordPress provides many great plugins that support Adsense Publishers. I already tried dozen of such plugins for last 3 years. So now I am writing to introduce to you the best one for increasing the CTR (click through rate).

This is “Adsense Under Image” Plug in. In the next words, I will show you how to use it and how come from the benefits of using this plugin?

1. Install? and activate the plugin “Adsense Under Image” (Log in to Dashboard, and search this plugin when you are on Add Plugin Page)

2. Insert one image for each blog post. Make sure the width of all image is same, and is either 336 or 468

3. The adsense now will automatically appear under the image on your post.

4. Configure the plugin:

Creat an Adsense Unit with its width same with image’s with (336 or 468). Blend its color with your blog color scheme.

Copy and Paste the code into Plugin Configure Page.

As you see the image with draw the attention of the visistors. The under-image-adsense will easily get noticed. The visitor naturally browse the links (click) on this ads unit. The CTR increases drammatically!

Some notice:

1. The (336×300) unit works the best.

2. Put also ALR tag for the image. It helps for SEO (mean increase traffic) and ads relevancy.

Now is your turn. Try it out and see how your CTR increase. Don’t be suprise if it doubles or tripples your existing earning. Best lucks.

Demo: Civil Engineer Website

He is a civil engineer and also blogger.

He is founder of some blogs:
Construction English, Get Now or Never, rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link’]);” href=””> Women Online and more…

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