Having a good affiliate site builder is essential if you are an affiliate marketers who is serious about making money online. A good site builder will make site design and customization simple and fast so you can showcase a wide variety of different products and services and change things around easily if need be.

WordPress, a free blogging platform, is the ideal ‘base’ for affiliate sites. WordPress sites have many advantages over traditional websites yet on the outside they can appear to be exactly the same!



2. It’s quick and easy to install on your site. If your host has something called CPanel with Fantastico, all the better.

3. It doesn’t take long to learn the basics of website design. WordPress is mostly WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) so little knowledge of HTML is needed.

4. It’s easy to create different kinds of sites with free or paid ‘themes’. WordPress themes change the overall look of your site with little more than a click of a button. By using different themes, you can create everything from simple squeeze pages to full-featured online store fairly easily.

5. It’s simple to add special functions and features with free or paid ‘plugins’. WordPress plugins are small pieces of code that will make your blog do many useful things so you don’t have to learn how to program them in, such as:

– cloaking affilate links
– tracking visitors
– adding audio and video
– rotating ads that you want to display
– adding more security to keep hackers out
– blocking spam

6. Search engines love WordPress blogs. Google and other search engines often index blogs more quickly than standard websites. Blogs tend to have a structure that search engines like, particularly if the content is updated often.

7. Ever improving. WordPress’ creators have high standards. Improvements are frequent and worthwhile and always free. No need to ever pay for an upgrade!

For these reasons and many more, WordPress is the ideal affiliate site builder, offering numerous design options and features that would be more complex to set up with traditional web design software. If you are like most marketers, you would prefer to focus on making money online instead of fussing over design. Installing WordPress allows you to do exactly that – you can set up pro sites quickly and easily at a very low cost.

Lillea Woodlyns is a business blogger who teaches people how to use WordPress as an affiliate site builder. She recommends that you consider the excellent premium WordPress theme for affiliate marketers at http://www.wordpress4marketers.com

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