There are lots of WordPress Amazon plugins available and the resemblances between them are a lot more than the differences. Yet as in everything else, you will find market leaders that create one easy to use plugin to accommodate everyone’s wants.

But why aren’t there as many plugins for Facebook, YouTube, or even eBay? All of these services are undoubtedly great and well-known. And (when it comes to eBay) can assist you make money exactly like Amazon affiliates program. But here’s why all of these services fail to entice WordPress plugin creators just like Amazon does.

Amazon associates program is among the earliest affiliate marketing programs on the internet. Some people even state that Amazon associates program is what jump started the whole affiliate marketing industry. Hence, this provides Amazon a natural first-mover advantage to cement its place as the “web’s most popular and successful affiliate program.” That’s just what the Amazon associate program names itself.

On top of that, Amazon affiliate program is very easy to use. Registering and getting approved for the program is a breeze. In a couple of minutes, you can be capable take advantage of all the resources that Amazon offers. They offer lots of great marketing resources, but what attracts plugin creators the most is their superb integration technology as well as documentation.

As a result of the great integration technology and documentation, plugin developers can create an Amazon plugin and make money by utilizing revenue-sharing mechanism that they built into their plugin.

This leads the developer to rush into developing the plugin and releasing it publicly. But what the developer neglects is the fact that simply building and publishing software doesn’t result in people will use it. A plugin needs either a lots of marketing or be mind-blowingly remarkable to attract a user base large enough to rationalize the development cost and produce any kind of meaningful revenue. So, what eventually happens is the creator will lose interest in the plugin and let it become out-of-date.

That’s the reason why if you’d like to select a good Amazon plugin for WordPress, make sure that it has been supported for a long period.

Joyce is WordPress expert. One of? her key expertise is utilizing WordPress for Amazon associate marketing.

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