Looking at the abundance of business websites powered by WordPress, it’s apparent that it has tremendous appeal to internet marketers. And it’s not terribly surprising, either. This content management platform is free to use, easy to install and even easier to manipulate. You don’t need to have a degree in computer science or programming to use it. The list of available plugins is extremely long, numbering in the thousands. You can literally get your site to look and behave any way you want it to-all within the WordPress mainframe. Plug-ins are easy to install, especially if you download them right from the WordPress Codex. Below you can read about several WordPress plugins that we feel will help you in your business.

You should look into the importance of 301 redirects, and you can use the Redirection plugin to handle that. It also helps you keep track of all of your 404 error messages. There’s nothing worse than a site you really want to check out, but then you get a 404 error message and no way to see it. What will happen is any 404 error will cause a redirect to a url you specify. This is a great way to keep people on your site. There are a lot of options available with this, so you can look very professional in the event of a 404 error. SEO Friendly Images is incredibly helpful for internet marketers who plan on displaying a lot of images within their text. You already know how important it is to make sure that the text of your website has been optimized for the search engines. It will also help if you optimize all the images on your website, or blog. SEO Friendly Images will speed-up your image SEO by assigning proper image alt tags and the title tags. There’s an auto detect feature that can tell if there’s no image optimization, then it will do it for you. If you have a lot of pics, you’ll save a lot of time.

Add a dash of your self in your site with a plugin called the WP Greet Box. It has settings, of course, and depending on how they arrive at your site they’ll hear a personal greeting from you. You can set it up so that if people come from Google, then the message will be: “Welcome Google user!” So depending on your marketing, you’ll customize the message to greet people from any website. It will encourage your visitors to feel welcomed and appreciated for visiting. It will also serve to remind people to do some bookmarking for you. You’ll really ramp-up your marketing online if you take advantage of WordPress. What was once thought of as a platform only for bloggers is now a fully functional web site creator for internet users of every stripe. WordPress can be used effectively by almost anyone. There are marketers all over who are beginning to incorporate blogs into their businesses. This is something that people can use even if they’re never thought about using it previously. With plug-ins you can get WordPress to do whatever you want it to do!

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