Affiliate and Joint Venture?(JV) programs are a proven method of generating essential traffic and sales.

But there is HUGE competition for good affiliates and JV partners.

That’s why you need to offer them something extra special. A solution that makes it easy for them to promote for you, using high quality ads that?really grab attention.

And that’s why you need JV Blog Pro!

This powerful software allows you to create an unlimited number of high quality photo ads for your products/services.

It then automatically creates a special WordPress plugin that will display the ads on any WordPress blog.

You give the plugin away to your affiliates and JV partners, who simply upload the plugin to their blogs (just like any other plugin) and then enter their affiliate ID. The plugin then shows your ads on the affiliates’ blogs, automatically.

Your affiliates and JV partners earn easy commissions, while you generate lots of extra sales. And it all happens on autopilot!

Many bloggers?now show Adsense (or similar) ad units at the top of their blog pages, as an easy way to generate revenue.

Photo ads are fully compatible with Adsense terms and can be used on the same pages as Adsense ads.

Photo ads are normally?shown below each blog post, leaving the space at the top of the page free for Adsense or other ad units.

However the blog owner can choose to show the photo ads above their blog?posts instead if they prefer, just by changing a single setting on the WordPress “Settings” menu.

This flexibility means your affiliates can place your photo ads on their blogs,?without affecting their existing income.

This is one of the many new ways to generate traffic with internet marketing software.

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