To start with, I was looking for good software that will enable me built WordPress Theme website, maximizing the optimization potential with minimum effort.? That is when I discovered new Authority Pro software over the net that is a fully automated WordPress Theme and Plugin software that is very easy to use with dragging and dropping stuff.

Say you what, it saves a whole lot of time where you can just drag and make all your social media integration, blogs, adsense sites, review sites and so on. I use the software myself and I don’t think I will ever ever go back to plain old WordPress stuff for this software just gives me more just WordPress theme. It transforms for me all the WordPress into a niche domination engine. It builts for me everything I want to build in the interface itself. This is one particular feature that I appreciate most of its design and function.

Another feature that will impress a SEO perhaps is its customizable feature. I customized the Authority Pro from top to button to serve my purpose. There are 10 custom plugins and 11 widgets that help to organize and monitor everything like SEO, split testing, custom tracking and more.

Out of all of these my favorite feature is the squeeze maker templates that makes comfortably all the squeeze pages, covering nearly every imaginable design that has been tested and tested over and over again by the biggest players in the game.

I have got a copy of Authority Pro quite a long time back and using it for my entire task and slowly converting my entire niche marketing sites over to Authority Pro. Honestly it is bringing a big difference in the total optimization result than any other plain WordPress plugin software has done over the years.

I thank Alex Goad and Bryan McConnahea for building this software. It is really good. This WordPress Plugin software is quite distinguishable from the rest and so I recommend it to everybody.

Hi this is Larryel Dridge from New Jersey, USA. I am internet marketer and I am in this industry for nearly five years now. I use a lot of software for my business to make it more easy. Honestly this Authority Pro WordPress Plugin software was worthy reviewing about. Click here to visit the site.

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