Blogging has become a way of life for many people and many times they are able to generate a nice income from it. A great thing about blogging is that it allows you to express your thoughts, interests, and feelings but a problem is getting people to visit your blog. Well now a free WordPress plugin has been created called Authority Pro Squeeze Page Generator. This plugin helps bloggers obtain and retain subscribers. What’s that mean? It means repeat visitors! It means that smaller bloggers now have a chance to get their blog known!

The good thing about blogs is that anyone can create one for any reason. The problem, though, is that because of this there is more competition. This means bloggers have to stand out of the crowd. Authority Pro allows bloggers the opportunity to say ‘hey, I am somebody worth listening to!’. Unlike many product creators, this products creators got it done it with bloggers in mind!

Authority Pro has simplified blogging in the sense that this product allows for more effectiveness and push button easiness. It allows you to produce stunning WordPress pages on a whim and alter them with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you’ve been doing it manually before then you know just how much easier this tool can make your blogging life. It is relatively easy to mess up a whole blog because you ‘thought’ you know what you where doing with the .css.

Luckily, Authority Pro takes out all the guesswork and technical know-how and does it with suprisingly affordability. At only , this product is worth so much more. Don’t think so? Well look at what you get:

1. A license to use this WordPress theme

2. Outstanding squeeze page generator that’s definitely worth more than . The squeeze page alone allows you to customize it enough that you may never find another squeeze page like it.

3. Greatly optimized for search engine optimization.

4. Also, to convert that traffic coming in, customization of the squeeze pages allow you to create and modify them with ease.

5. Integration with Aweber and Getresponse is as simple as one field…yes, just one field

You can get the WordPress Squeeze Page plugin for free and is definitely worth the time.

Ultimately, the Authority Pro theme is incredibely powerful and can easily help struggling marketers earn their first profits or increase their existing profits. If your looking to do either one then this is the must have tool that will literally do it for you.

Make sure to download the free WordPress plugin stay tuned for more discussions on this theme and discover the full potential of this product.


Download the free Authority Pro WordPress plugin here.

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