I have several blogs and never seem to have time to update them. Maybe you are in the same boat? Well, I decided to try an automatic blog software which is called automatic blog wordpress plugin created by Nikola Jankovic. I wanted see if it would produce good results with content.

It has really done well for me as it has a simple 3 minute set up and customizable features so that you can set up only articles for your specific niche or topic. It also allows a random posting feature so that your content is never posted at the same times each day or week.

There are several auto blog software plugins on the market, but I looked at several factors before deciding to use the automatic blog wordpress plugin.

One was the price point of course. It is fairly priced, and well under a hundred dollars. The second factor is many of the auto blog software plugins only allow one license unless you upgrade and with automatic blog wordpress plugin you can use it on unlimited blogs for one cost.

Finally, it pulls full articles from Articlesbase.com and for me that is much better then getting RSS feeds as they only show a couple sentences of content and the reader has to click on the link taking them away from your blog.

In summary, this auto blog software has produced good results for me in driving quality traffic to my sites and was well worth the investment.

When it comes to auto blogging software plug ins, I HIGHLY recommend a wonderful resource called automatic blog wordpress plugin Check it out!

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