First off, let me answer a common question that I hear a lot.

Is autoblogging a scam?


Now, I am going to speak from my own experiances with numerous autoblogging platforms and systems.? It is NOT as easy as they would lead you to believe.? You can’t just install the software, walk away from your computer, and have thousands of dollars from autoblogging a few weeks later.

It takes some effort.? For me it took about 6 hours a week for the first month and now I spend about 30mins to an hour each day checking my autoblogs and making sure everything is going smoothly.

What does it take to start autoblogging?

Buy a domain name and pay for a hosting service like Hostgator
Some basic knowledge of WordPress (very easy to use, tons of tutorials online)
A few hours of registering new accounts at Social Bookmarking sites, article directories, etc that you will use to create links back to your blog (needed for search engine rankings)
Quality autoblogging software

Now that’s all pretty straight forward easy tasks that anyone can achieve pretty quickly with little to no experiance with autoblogging. Yet, you won’t be successful with just these methods.? You need to do more to get the real traffic and start making some money with your auto blog.

How to be successful autoblogging?

KEYWORD RESEARCH – taking the time to find a keyword that has low competition and high volume of search results is mandatory. This will make or break your auto blog (use Google’s keyword tool)
Using SEO plugins for wordpress – this is key for search engine rankings and will make your efforts above payoff (I recommend All-In-One SEO plugin)
Make sure to give the authors of the content credit – Google prefers this and you will never be penalized for “duplicate content”
Select high quality RSS feeds and articles to use for your content – make sure its relevant, well written, and diverse

How to monetize your auto blog?

Adsense is great – one of my auto blogs gets about 1000 visitors daily, one click on an adsense ad and I receive .40 – .85
Affiliate marketing – good commission but you need to build the blog focused on these sales, check out Clickbank for ideas
There are other methods, but these are what have worked for me.

What is the best autoblogging software?


There’s a number of good choices out there on the market for autoblogging on WordPress platforms. I’ve tried autoblog samurai and a few others until I found the Autoblogged software. Autoblogged has given me very few problems and works consistently on all the auto blogs I own and operate.? It also integrates very well with ALL the WordPress plugins I’ve ever used.

Most importantly for myself, I made money!

Adsense earnings for my first two autoblogs, one on woman’s health and the other on Apple products and technology, came in around – dollars a day in the first two weeks.? After a bit more effort they average up to dollars a day and now are fully auto-pilot. Not huge money, but you could make many many auto blogs; which I am now doing.? Though I am very happy with averaging -0 dollars a day currently, I am already expanding to make more profits.

Autoblogged is the platform that has given me the most success. And, I’m content with the success and future growth my auto blogs are heading for.?



Jamie Vars – looking to share my passions and success in life with others.

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