Automatic Backlink Creator, or ABC Plugin as its come to be known is a plugin for WordPress blogs.

It does what it’s name suggests. It builds backlinks automatically.

It’s not completely free, but then anything worthy of possessing is going to cost something. So is this ABC Plugin genuinely worthy of owning?

Well as someone who is ever skeptical, I resolved  to test it out. I ‘ve utilized other automated backlink bulding services in the past, so I do know what to search for and know how to test these items decently.

Prior to I go into any detail, I wan to prompt you what a backlink is, and reasons why they are so crucial in regards to ramping up an online business.

A backlink is a ‘vote of confidence’. It’s a link from an alternate source to one of your own web pages. The more of these backlinks you have, the much higher you rank for certain keywords in the search engines. This means when one searches for your keyword, your results come along towards the top of the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) which will means you get more clicks.

It may be very true that not all backlinks carry the very same weight. Most are considered much higher by the search engines than others. For example, backlinks from authority sites such as EDU or GOV sites are extremely popular by web masters. Whereas, links from INFO domains perhaps less so.

All website owners want backlinks, but the energy required to achieve them is unnerving and thats why so many people outsource the undertaking. They compensate other individuals to get these links on their behalf. That can necessitate paying folks in order to make blog and forum posts importing your links in the signatures and the post bodies or searching for a links on other sites. There ‘s also software system that you can buy that does some of these things too.

So ABC Plugin reports to do this automatically. Now if that’s truthful so it would be a worthy addition to any Internet Marketers toolkit.

I signed up for the Automatic Backlink Creator in December 2010 and installed it on 3 sites as a test. These were simply sites I had lying around and not really performing a lot. The result were telling.

The ABC plugin acquires you backlinks in two ways. Number 1 via a special widget that shows links to blogs that have the Automatic Backlink Creator plugin installed. A random number of links between 3 and 10 appear at a time and each time the page is refreshed a fresh set of links are displayed. Your links will be amid these. So at any given time a search engine visits, they see new links. These links are n’t permanent, but they aid your rankings.

The second (and my preferent way) is via its own article distribution service. You can submit unlimited articles to blogs that have the Automatic Backlink Creator plugin installed so your information appear on other related blogs. Likewise, articles from other members come along on your blogs. And each article can incorporate up to 4 links back to your own websites, money internet sites or so any URL you’d like. Each one of links, once indexed, will stay as long as the article stays on on the remote blog.

The articles and the links you record could all be spun because of this you can stipulate alternate words or sentences. This means one spin ready article will give you quite possibly thousands of unique types and every time a version is sent to a compatible blog, it will be a diferent version. This is a very potent part of the ABC Plugin, and for me, the best bit.

Building backlinks to your money internet sites needn’t be a task. It’s a wise decision to spend some money to automate the backlink building procedures to free up your valuable time to invest on more significantly tasks. The Automatic Backlink Creator ABC Plugin does much more and I don’t have space to elaborate here, but head to my Automatic Backlink Creator ABC Plugin Review to learn more about my results and discover details of my Automatic Backlink Creator Free Bonus that I give you.

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