Automatic Backlink Creator is a WordPress plugin that will automatically create backlinks for your website. If you are trying to raise the rank of your website in the search engines then you know how important backlinks are – but they can also be difficult to get. With this plugin a lot of the hard work is taken care of automatically and it does so in a way that appears natural to the major search engines giving your backlinks more validity.

With Automatic Backlink Creator you will have a plugin at your disposal that will not only enable you to create backlinks automatically but also allow you to submit keywords and a URL to the ABC database, submit spun articles (with your links) to the database, have your keywords and url placed on widgets around the internet, and publish your articles to different sites. The entire process is very simple to put into action – all you need to do is install the plugin, activate the plugin, and then place the ABC widget on your website. You create a new WordPress category on your website, plug in your keywords, stick in your spun articles, then you just let the plugin and the ABC network take over all the work. This widget will then display links randomly and provide backlinks to your website.

Your keywords, urls, and spun articles will be distributed to other widgets on other websites – they will then be randomly published and provide you with quality backlinks. Once you start getting these backlinks you will see search engine ranking increase and you will also begin to see an increase in the organic traffic you receive to your website. The plugin will even insure that you get indexed as well as pinged everytime one of your articles are published. The plugin will also keep track of the backlinks you have in Yahoo as well as your keyword ranking in Google. If you want to generate quality backlinks without spending hours upon hours doing it manually then you can start right away by purchasing the plugin and access to the network for only per month. You can try it out for sixty days and if you don’t see your page ranking and traffic begin to grow you can request a full refund.

People who have purchased the Automatic Backlink Creator are amazed at the number of backlinks they have received to their websites. Many have run tests checking to see how the plugin actually worked and all of the tests were extremely positive. If you have been looking for an effective way to generate backlinks and get a high page ranking then you will want to give Automatic Backlink Creator a try.

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