This automatic blog wordpress plug-in review will go over the features and functions of the latest automated blog plug in for wordpress created by Nikola Jankovic .

Set-It-And-Forget-It Blog Posting

Automatic Blog WordPress Plugin is an easy to install, simple to use wordpress plugin that pulls FULL Articles from into your WordPress Blog. The whole set up (installating and configure) can be finished in less than 3 minutes.

You also have customization features so that you can chhose when a nd how often to post as well as several other options to focus content in your particular niche.Furthermore the user is presented with a full menu of useful options that allow them to customize the application for their particular niche market or service.

Saves Time? Increases Productivity

You should know, there’s no need to worry about copyrights laws. Automatic Blog plugin grabs the article with the author resource box, in a format that conforms with the ArticlesBase TOS (Terms of Service).

Automatic Blog is a good tool for anyone who manages one blog or several blogs as creating high quality and releveant niche content constantly requires either time or money or both.

Here are the main features of automatic blog WP Plug In:

1. 300 plus word articles

2. Easy to install

3. Quality content

4. Set it and forget it

5. Unlimited domains license

6. Works automatically

Why is fresh content vital to blogging success? Featuring regular blog posts will increase your readersship and following as they can expect a daily or weekly basis of new posts from you.

There are some alternatives to writing totally original content such as RSS feeds, PLR Articles and outsourcing the writing to ghost writers. Each one has good and bad points.

RSS Feeds are a good option but only pull a few sentences. For the visitor to read a complete article they are generally hyperlinked away from your site.

PLR (Private Label Rights) Articles have their place, but most are basically rehashed and blasted around the internet. Often it’s easier to just write your own articles.

Outsourcing is probably the best alternative if you can locate a good writer and have the cash flow to pay them.

Automatic Blog offers another alternative in a simple to install and set-up wordpress plugin. Using Automatic Blog you get the simplicity of an RSS feed, the versatility of PLR articles, with much better quality and the ease of outsourcing without the expense.

Automating your blog posting, saves time which you can now spend on those tasks directly related to creating profits.

To summarize this automatic blog wordpress plugin review, once setup and configured, Automatic Blog plugin is totally automated posting articles on topics you select, by activating a keyword filter, from over 300 categories.

If you are tired of having to constantly create new content for your blog then Click Here and find out how to automate your business today!

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