There are tons of information online on how to drive targeted traffic to your website, but most of it doesn’t talk about the value of having a presentable website as a pre-requisite. Also, once those visitors land on your site, you’ll need to make them want to stay there, and hopefully return once they do leave. The appearance of your website will greatly determine if people want to return, regardless of your content. It’s a known fact that when a visitor comes to your site for the very first time, they decide to stay or exit and this whole process takes place in 3 seconds. That’s a brutally short period to make a great impression. A badly designed site, with crappy navigation structure, will very rarely outperform a site that excels in those areas. So getting these several areas right will obviously do a lot for your business. Great – now let’s get into some more discussion on this critical topic.

A good web design tip to remember is to always keep it simple and to stay away from clutter. Sure, using cool Photoshop effects and flash based animation can be fun, but it’s best to keep it simple without all that hustle bustle, as that will pay off better in the long run. Your site visitors will simply be put off by the design that is confusing and cluttered. Instead, create an appealing website design that allows visitors to easily find what they’re looking for by organizing all the information on the page. Also, create a balance between text and visual since you want each of it to complement each other, if your text overpowers the visual or vice versa, then it’s not right. Don’t forget to make your site load faster by optimizing your images. You must make sure that all your web pages have a consistent design. If each page is different, your visitors will likely end up confused and unable to locate important information. You can achieve this by using the same type of color schemes on all the pages.

The location of your important links should be in one place across the website. You also need to use the same, readable fonts.

Never allow any music to start playing automatically when someone comes to visit. That’s something from yesteryear – it’s just not done anymore. Also, those video walk-ons you see now, be very careful because they do it automatically and it isn’t always appreciated. People almost demand to be in control as much as possible, so let them have it – no big deal.

So, ok… now you know – you just have to find a way to know what your audience wants, or what they will respond to, and then make sure you incorporate it into your site.

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