The internet, particularly Internet marketing, is a medium that develops very quickly and it is hard to think about a world without blogs and social networking. However, a lot of these developments have merely been around for a few years. For example, WordPress was released in 2003 and now, it has millions of users around the world. When it initially became hot, people simply thought of blogging as keeping an online diary and did not think how it would grow into such a popular online business tool. In this article, we will look at self-hosted WordPress blogs and how they can be monetized. However you need to realize that certain niches such as quick healthy recipes, free online recipes and even nutrition for kids are niches that people are looking to for information.

Once you decide to put up your own blog site, you need to evaluate the topic of your blog and how profitable it is. If you are are looking to have this site make the most of your income, this is extremely important. In this example, you are looking to become noted as an expert in your particular niche. This could be a wonderful way for you to go if you have specialized knowledge in a specific area or are passionate about a certain niche. There are many online marketers who maintain their own blogs to enable them to promote their name or brand.

Your site will become identified as a go-to resource if you offer valuable content. Advancing your own and other people’s products will become possible as more and more people go back to your site on a regular basis. You have make sure to balance this with great care. By giving quality free content, your readers are more apt to trust you when it comes to purchasing a product you recommend.

With the extensive evolution of WordPress, a lot of people are right now easily using it to create niche mini blogs. When you have finished your keyword research and found a good niche, you can buy an exact match domain name and put up your site by installing WordPress. We call this a mini web site since depending on the market competition, you may need just few posts to actually get yourself ranking high in the search engines.

There are numerous ways to profit from your blog site once you know how you want to promote it. You can register for affiliate programs, make your own products or use Google AdSense program on your blog. You may prefer to use a combination of methods. Just don’t forget that because these are self-hosted WordPress blog sites, you can consider them as assets in your online portfolio. This is usually referred to as virtual real estate and if you look at a site like Flippa, which is an auction web site for selling websites, you will see how much these types of blogs can go for.  

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