Brave Ministe Template is a new graphic package offered by Lucas Adamski. What caught my eye is a total integration to WordPress. Each sales page template can be loaded into WordPress. There are many other innovative features I’m going to talk in this review. There are some good and bad aspect about this product and I will try to give you the most honest review.

Brave Ministe Templates offer 7 minisite templates that come with HTML and CSS files. Additionally each template is availble in WordPress theme. Each template has a PSD file where you can change header and headline graphics to your own. If you won’t know how to do it, there are video trainings showing you step by step how to edit each template in Photoshop. One of the main drawbacks is that you will need Potoshop in order to customize the headline and other graphics. If you don’t have it, you can download a free trial or ask someone with full license to do it for you. Lastly, Brave Ministe Templates offer a unique ‘Brave Minisite’ custom WordPress plugin that I’m going to talk about later on.

What I really like about this package are ministe templates. They are very quality and unique. Each graphic element is precisely designed and eye-appealing. Also, each template uses extra graphic elements useful especially while writing copy. These elements are header graphic, pre headline graphic, headline graphic, bullet points, 2 johnson’s boxes and order button. I would expect to pay at least for each of these high-quailty minisite templates.

There is 1 thing that I truely loved about Brave Minisite Templates package, and that is ‘Brave Minisite’ WordPress plugin. This tool set apart this product from anything you’ve ever seen! What’s so unique about it? Well, it’s all-in-one solution to copy page copywriting editing and formatting. It’s insanely simple to edit text to headline, add johnson’s boxes, video boxes and format the text however you want. All done using simple WYSIWIG editor, so that you don’t need to know any coding language. Additionall sweet function is 1 Click Sales Letter Template Generator. If you are really short in time, click 1 button and create a full sales page template with all the necessary elements like headline, author space, paragraphs, subheadlines, testimonial section boxes, order button, signature space, PSs and footer. All already formatted for specific template and all you need to do is edit it (as simple as in Microsoft Word). I created my first sales page and formatted it fully in just 11 minutes.

I’m a true fan of this product and use it every single day. It saved me so much time and money I can’t even count it. Now,,the price is much less than you would ever expect for such a big package. 7 WordPress minisite templates with PSDs, video trainings and custom plugin could cost easily few thousand dollars. The last time I checked the price was only so check it now as I know this offer may change any time. It’s one of the best template graphics I bought this year and I honestly recommend it to anyone.

Unique Solution To Manage Your Sales Letters And Templates In WordPress!
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