If you are tired of Wp themes or templates or other web templates that simply don’t provide you with the flexibility you would like, then give consideration – there’s a totally new idea to Wp as the Builder Template by iThemes.

I remember hearing about the Builder concept before it released at the end of 2009. I ordered so when I got my hands on it, I couldn’t be more thrilled with it.

In fact, if you’re adverse to code, but want to develop a Word press website in the ground up, then your Builder Template is perfect for you.

Allow me to get the bad taken care of. The Builder theme child templates are not the nicest. If you prefer a Wp that looks fantastic from the manufacturer, then Builder isn’t for you personally.

However, the good thing about Builder is that you could so easily create a website entirely from scratch without knowing a single line of code.

How Builder Template Works

You create layouts. The styles are sections which use widgets by which you place content. You are able to create as many sections on a design as you like.

Proper you produce a blog post or page, you decide on your custom design.

Need a completely different header around the website? No problem – just select a completely different header inside your layout.

Want completely different slideshows on totally different webpages? Again, not a problem. Just produce a new design, and then place your chosen slideshow plugin in any plugin you prefer?

HTML Coded Webpages

iThemes also responded to the need of developing html webpages. For example, suppose you have a great html template – a landing page or landing page – just insert the html in the html module on a layout and your web page is totally customized.

How about SEO?

Builder Template has a built-in SEO panel. Actually, this is an iTheme wordpress plugin you put in. Then you have a complete SEO settings panel. Each web page and blog post has SEO options as well – including No follow and Spider options.

CSS and Styling

iThemes has this covered as well. Want red H1 tags? Not a problem. What about orange hyperlinks? Yup, no problem.

iThemes supplies a free style plugin you put in which provides you a full style section. Forget about digging around inside a CSS style sheet. Instead, you simply look away until you obtain the look and feel you would like.

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