There are a plenty of WordPress themes out there to choose from, yet most do not do what is needed to help marketers convert sales or increase opt ins. In reality there are more bad themes out there that hurt a business than good ones. This article will provide a bit of understanding why this is the case.

What is considered a good WordPress theme? A good theme has three qualities. It needs to be SEO compliant, visually appealing and flexible enough to support a number of different online marketing approaches. Just the first criteria alone, knocks out about 70 percent of all themes on the market. The last two criteria squeezes this number down to just 10%. That does not leave a lot for an online marketer to choose from, yet in reality ten percent is all that is needed to conduct business with WordPress.

In the past, a marketer needed a few different themes depending on the kind of business they wanted to conduct. If the item was an affiliate product, then a certain theme was used. If the business was just to gather names and addresses, then again a different theme was used. If there was a need for a combination of the two, the publisher would possible create two websites, one for the opt in visitor and then another website with a different theme to sell a product or conduct a product launch. As you can imagine this is a lot of work. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to maintain this kind of structure. That was in the past. Now let’s talk about the present.

Now the focus of this article was to show you how a WordPress theme can help with sales conversions and opt ins. Let’s get into how these of today are filling the gap.

These new breed of WordPress themes are filled with all the bells and whistles. The backend code is geared to help the site rank well in the search engines. The publisher is freed up to focus on other business related tasks. These themes come with pre-made sales pages, read-made opt in boxes that suck in potential clients. These themes are geared to the clients who really want to take their businesses to the next level and reduce the amount of effort to get there.

These themes combine a huge number of features and functionality and pack them into a premium WordPress theme. You might think that having all that complexity and functionality would make it difficult to install the themes or use them. This is not the case, they are just as easy to install and just as easy to use.

Themes contain the capability to host a regular blog, sales page, opt in page and even do product launches for you with video. Some other features you may find in themes like this are built in exit scripts or affiliate cloaking. These are things you won’t find in a no-cost WordPress theme.

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