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How To Convert Your New Commentators To Loyal Visitors And Convert Them Automatically Without Doing Any Hard Work Whatsoever !

Yes… You read the title right! You doesn’t need to do any hard work whatsoever because I’m going to do the hard work for you, all you need to do is just fill in the blanks, copy and paste… that’s it. But before I go deep into the core of this content, let me just start from the very beginning, so that you fully understand the whole concept of this…

Simple-Yet-Advance Technology Plus Psychology Method Of Converting !

Lets talk about the “Technology” first. As you may or may not know getting comments from visitors on your blog, shows that they are interested in your content, but how can you grab them to become a loyal visitors to your blog? Simply this:

Make Friends With Them Individually After Their First Comment !

Listen: This plugin send only a single email message to your new commentator, and that’s it, no more sending them a second email, unless you want to send second and third and forth and so on, you have got to edit it on your own, but I highly recommend sending just one time if you are just starting to use it or if you don’t know how to follow up.

You see, once they become your friends, most likely they will become a loyal visitors to your blog, and with that, they might even become your customers in the future. So how do you make friends with them individually after their first comment? Simply this: Send them a so-called “personal thank you message” thanking them sincerely through your own words.

Is That Possible ?

Yes… You buckwheat, is absolutely possible with this advance technology of wordpress plugin called…

Thank Me Later WordPress Plugin !
(Click Here To Download Plugin)

What this plugin do, is automatically send your new commentator an email message after their first comment. Wait…before you think about anything in your head, I have got to tell you… this is not a spam, and absolutely not.

But you might think, this isn’t a good ideal, since some new commentators doesn’t really like getting email from someone all of a sudden.


You meet up with a new girl and on the day you met her, you give her a small gift and surprise her, what you think she will react? Simply this: She will be astonish by your surprise, and think of how sincere you are to her. Look, not all the new girls you met will be astonish, but the way to astonish someone is…

Your Safest Bet !

Okay, of course you don’t think of your commentator as a new girl, that was just an example to let you understand an important element which is…

Astonish !

Yes.., You astonish your commentator by sending a personal email message telling he or she how sincere you are about making a good friendship. But in order to show your sincerity, you need to craft a rather heart-warming and personal type of message to your new commentator. And with that, here comes the “Psychology” part of this post, and believe me this is the most important part of all that most people neglected.

And the reason for that, is simply this…

Their Message Sucks !

Don’t worry about that, because I’m going to show you how. Listen carefully: The first thing you need to remember is…

Never To Sell Anything For Cash In The Message !

Okay, there are only 3 things you can offer to your new commentators…

First, is offer your subscription to your RSS Feed.
Second, is offer your subscription to your mailing list, such as newsletter or ebook.
Third, is offer a valuable free gift without subscribing to your mailing list.

Now, from the 3 offers above, you can only choose one as your option.

Here’s why…

Only Sell One Product To One Person At One Time !

What I mean is you can only…

Send One Offer To One Commentator At One Time !

Do not… I repeat do not offer more then one offer, you will put your percentage of converting at risk.

Below are the three different offers I had written for you to choose, all you need to do is fill in the blanks and copy and paste the message to your plugin setting in your wordpress admin panel.

Message 1 :

Title Headline: (Insert your name here) here, I would like…

Hey friend, you are receiving this message because you had commented on one of my blog post for the first time and just because you had taken your time to read and comment, I believe you are truly interested in my content or else you won’t waste your time to even read it.

So, if you would like to receive the latest update of new content on my blog, all you have to do is subscribe to my (Insert your Rss Feed URL here), and every new update I will send it to you by email, the best part is you can just read the new content directly in your email, and in this case you’ll save your precious time to go to my blog to look up for new updates.

In any case, I hope you find as much value reading my blog content as thousands of others have.


(Insert your name here)

P.S If you have any question regarding (Insert your subject here), you can send an email to me @ (Insert your email here)

Message 2 :

Title Headline: (Insert your name here) here, thank you for…

Hey friend, you are receiving this message because you had commented on one of my blog post for the first time and this message is not to sell you on anything, but to sincerely thank you for visiting, reading and commenting on one of my blog post.

I believe you are truly interested in my content or else you won’t waste your time to even read it, so I thought may be you would be interested in (Insert your newsletter name or ebook name), which is free.

And here’s what you will learn:

Insert at least 3 bullet points
Insert at least 3 bullet points
Insert at least 3 bullet points
Note, on the forth bullet, usually I will always use this: And many many more, that will blow your mind off…

Are you interested?

If so, all you have to do is (Insert the URL of your opt-in page here)


(Insert your name here)

P.S In any case, I hope you find as much value reading my blog content as thousands of others have.

Message 3 :

Title Headline: (Insert you name here) here, thank you and…

Hey friend, you are receiving this message because you had commented on one of my blog post for the first time and this message is not to sell you on anything, but to sincerely thank you for visiting, reading and commenting on one of my blog post.

I doesn’t know how you got to my blog, but since you had taken your precious time to read and comment, I hereby would like to give you a small and valuable free gift.

All you have to do is go to (Insert the URL of the download page) and download it, you doesn’t had to subscribe to anything, is yours truly.

In any case, I hope you find as much value reading my blog content as thousands of others have.


(Insert you name here)

P.S If you have any question regarding (Insert your subject here), you can send an email to me @ (Insert your email here)


How’s the above message? Truly a bitch of a personal message, right? I bet, if you were to receive one of the message above, you will be astonish at how sincere the author of the blog you had commented is. Now, there are certain “Psychology” element in the above 3 message, and I will explain it all, right now.

First, did you realize that I did not use the commentator’s name in any of the message? The reason for that is, some commentators uses keywords for their name rather then their real name, so to decreased the risk of converting, I usually use the word…


It sounds more personal, right? Okay, the second thing is, did you realize that all the title headline seems to had your name and also an incomplete sentence attach to it? The reason for putting your name is to get the attention of the commentator. And lastly the incomplete sentence is to pique their curiosity. And the reason people open an email is…

Curiosity, No Doubt About It !

Think about this: If you commented on John Chow’s blog, and when you check your email and saw his name, will you not open? You sure will open, now you may ask but the commentator doesn’t know you… Don’t you worry, he will know, since he reads your blog.

Okay, by now, you should know how powerful this content that I have written really can help you get loyal visitors automatically without any hard work whatsoever, but there is something that I would love to tell you about using the concept above and that is…

Reader —> Commentator —> Loyal Visitor —-> Friend/Fan —> Customer

The Bad Blogger also known as “The Strange Kind Of Dude” is a blogger who blogs about Internet Marketing, Copywriting, Blogging and Sexual Secrets from world class players in the field. You can Subscribe to his Rss feed to get the latest update of his blog post or go direct to his blog at You may freely reprint or redistribute this article, provided the content and links are left intact !

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CTR Theme – Great Launch Prizes!

A few wordpress plugin products I can recommend:

CTR Theme – Great Launch Prizes!
CTR Theme is a WordPress theme and plugin that automatically uses Google-recommended ad placements and auto-blends ads for crazy high CTRs. k in launch contest prizes including iPads and MacBook Pros.
CTR Theme – Great Launch Prizes!

First Money Enabled Blog – The Basics 4 WordPress
24 videos – WordPress: clear and basic instructions on all the major features. Plus 1 “resources” text file of key components Needed to Make Money from a Blog. No hype, no fuss, just the Basics. Detailed Install and configure instructions.
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WordPress Uncovered

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Memberactive – Membership Site Script
Memberactive Standard is an easy way to set up a free-to-join membership site to build a list and to generate income through offers and ads. To combine your free-to-join site with a paid upgrade offer, you need the superb Memberactive Gold Script.
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Automatic Blog Software Package – Generate Profits On The Internet As Part Of Your Rest

Generally each 1 thinks that autoblogging is often a tough blogging tactics as you have to become worried regarding the duplicate written content, Search engines penalty and a lot more. Is this truly real? Whenever I discuss with my fellow running a blog community customers, they say that every single one particular is worried concerning the Yahoo duplicate content material penalty.

I think the Google duplicate penalty is around hyped and it really is getting created extra complicated than it needs to be.

Bing itself does reports variety, website written content collection and gives almost everything at one particular spot as a services to its audience. So if you do the same as a result of the autoblogging why Yahoo or Bing or Yahoo or another research motor should penalize you? Take into consideration it.

Each of the Serps penalize if you start out spamming which has grow to be a undesirable part of the car running a blog neighbourhood. So if you are a superb guy therefore you will not wish to spam, then there is no purpose for you personally to worry concerning the Yahoo and google duplicate information penalty.

When it involves automatic blogging, I prefer to work with WordPress. In reality I call it automated running a blog for WordPress. WordPress tends to make it uncomplicated for each 1 on account of its flexibility along with the sorts of WordPress Plugins offered in the industry to automate the blogging procedure.

Do you think you’re seeing the big photo now that you’ll be able to do automatic running a blog without having any anxiety? In reality We’ve talked about this extensively at Ultimate Autoblogging website the place I’ve shared a lot of car blogging ideas.

Now enable’s see how can you do the automated blogging with WordPress for your website in simple to stick to actions:

one. Do the current market research to choose the topic for your auto blogging.

two. The moment the marketplace is narrowed decrease in your liking, start off focusing within the search phrases.

three. Make a list of search phrases after which it filter it decrease to a very focused listing of keywords and phrases to your weblog. You should possess the major and secondary key phrases made a decision for your autoblog.

four. There are a lot of WordPress Plugins to the search motor optimization offered inside current market along with the vast majority of those plugins are readily available at no value. You must narrow lower your number retaining in brain that you’re centered for the WordPress automatic running a blog.

5. There are many automated running a blog software program obtainable from the marketplace so you shouldn’t start buying every solitary software package. You should exploration the market place and stick to a person weblog wherever you’ll be able to keep getting the recommendation for that auto blogging software package after which acquire it.

half-dozen. Don’t plan to publish greater than a couple of-a few web site posts each day making sure that it search all-natural to any Investigation Engine otherwise you can be component from the spamming neighbourhood inside the eyes in the Investigation Motor Robots.

As it really is tricky to include every one of the factors of the vehicle running a blog here with this guide, this is usually a vast subject matter and you also really should educate on your own by visiting the autoblogging websites or blogs after which implement that understanding through the time to find out how it is possible to implement in your web site.

It really is a confirmed incontrovertible fact that you can earn a living blogging and picture with all the automobile blogging, you can generate income autoblogging. Do not forget that it is possible to do it therefore you should keep telling by yourself that when it comes to autoblogging, you’ll be able to certainly do it.

Should you’ve enjoyed the many thrilling information you study right here about auto blogging software, you will really like anything else you uncover at auto blogging software

Get the body you’ve always dreamed of with the unmatched guidance of America’s Pilates expert, Emelia Crimi. Emelia is one of the most widely recognized and respected fitness experts in the world.

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Smarter Seo; How to Dominate Any Niche

Ten short years ago if you wanted to make money from a niche market you were in for quite a task. First there came the research to see if your niche of choice was big enough to support your efforts and turn a decent profit. Then you needed a shop of some kind, whether it was a shop on Main Street, small mall kiosk, or run a mail order company run from your kitchen table. It was tough! But thanks to the Internet those days are long gone.

Today, with a little basic information and you can have a nice niche thing going. Or with that same and some hard won insider tips you can OWN any niche you want. That’s what we’ll focus on.

First things first, spend wisely. Setup a budget early on and find ways to stay within it. Use free tools whenever possible and when you do need to spend money on something, make sure it’s a bargain.

Okay, now for the good stuff. Let’s start with finding our keywords…

Part One: Finding Keywords

Finding Keywords 1: We can use a free tool to do this part. Go to and type in a common word or phrase that describes your niche (check the Use synonyms box to get the best variety of results.)

Finding Keywords 2: Now click on the “Approx Avg Search Volume” header to sort by the average monthly volume. You are going to take each of the search terms that look like good possible keywords and run a search on Google for them. But lets keep track. Take a sheet of paper (or Excel doc) and jot down the keyword, then the “Approx Avg Search Volume” and finally the number of pages returned on Google.

Finding Keywords 3: When you have that information for a good handful of keywords you want to come up with a success potential ratio for each. It’s easy. Just divide the “Approx Avg Search Volume” by the number of pages on Google. This is your success potential ratio. The higher the number; the better.

Example A: Approx Avg Search Volume (6,500) / Matching Pages on Google (100,000) = .065 is your Success Potential Ratio

Example B: Approx Avg Search Volume (9,750) / Matching Pages on Google (233,000) = .042 is your Success Potential Ratio

Example B has a lot more searches performed but with even more competition than A. Long story short, this means the keyword from Example A is likely our best bet to target.

Part Two: Securing Domain Names

Securing Domain Names 1: Now go to your favorite domain registrar (like or whatever) and run a domain registration availability search for the keyword phrase with the highest Success Potential Ratio.

Securing Domain Names 2: Use dashes! And don’t feel like the splits need to be perfect. For example, if you have a possible domain that is three words long, first try it without any dashes. That will be gone, I can almost guarantee. Next try separating each word with a dash. Maybe it’s taken, maybe not. If not, grab it! If it is taken, don’t despair. Try just one dash between the first two words and let the second and third run together. If that version is taken, move the dash so it is between the second and third while the first and second run together. Chances are you will find one that works. Ad the best part is the search engines read it as the same keyword!

Securing Domain Names 2: Keep in mind, this domain and resulting Website is for SEO purposes NOT branding. Who cares how long it is or how many dashes it has? Certainly not you. The search engines will love it!

Securing Domain Names 3: A word of advice… Get your domain name as quickly as possible. The older it is, the better in Google’s eyes. And they actually run date scans on domains using a Whois registry so they know the exact date and minute the domain was registered.

If you’ve never used one check out or and enter any domain name. It tells you plenty of of important information, including the owner, registrar, date or registration and even the owner’s home phone address if that’s what he or she used to register.

Securing Domain Names 4: As for the domain type, .com is best bet and .net and .org extensions also do well. I don’t bother with the others and I really strive for .com whenever possible.

Part Three: Deciding on Website Type

Deciding on Website Type 1: Do you want a blog or a regular static site? For quickest results I recommend setting up a WordPress blog (free technology with thousands of free templates.) Google loves blogs because they are fresh, dynamic and already nearly perfectly optimized for their spidering bot.

Deciding on Website Type 2: If you do go with WordPress I also recommend installing the free WordPress plugin “All in One SEO Pack” by Michael Torbert. It’s amazing and totally free. You can get it at

Part Four: Finding Web Hosting

Finding Web Hosting 1: There are tens or thousands of companies you can go with or you can even just host your site at

Finding Web Hosting 2: Personally I would rather keep full control of my site for future expansion and customization. And I have so many niche blogs in service that saving even just a few bucks is a big deal. I use the starter blog package available at for per year. It’s also got push button WordPress installation, which is nice. So I’m up and running in about five minutes.

Finding Web Hosting 3: But again, there are literally tens of thousands of hosts to choose from. Shop around and stick with one you really like. It’s much easier to track each of your niche blogs with a single host (control panels, stats, etc.)

Part Five: Optimizing Your Site

Optimizing Your Site 1: So far we’ve covered how to select the most profitable keywords, purchase unbeatable domain names, use the Website type most revered by Google for quickest results and how to get reliable inexpensive hosting with bonus features. And we have only spent about ( for the domain and for hosting.)

Optimizing Your Site 2: Now we move onto the actual optimization part. I will laundry list the things you need to keep in mind for a competitive edge and recommend a tool bargain if you decide you need one.

Use two of your most important keywords per page; the primary and a secondary.

Use your main and secondary keyword in the page or post title.

Try to make each page about 500 words in length or more, using at least five paragraphs.

Mention your main keyword about four time one the page as follows: Once at the beginning of the first sentence, once in the second paragraph, once in the third paragraph and once towards the end of the final paragraph.

Mention your second most important keyword about four times one the page as follows: Once toward the end of the first sentence, once in the third paragraph, once in the fourth paragraph and once towards the beginning of the final paragraph.

Add your keywords and META descriptions to the WordPress plugin “All in One SEO Pack” and let that do the heavy lifting for you.

Optimizing Your Site 3: If you have an SEO analyzer tool, use it. This is a tool that goes through you site just like Google will, and does the same to your top competitors that dominate your search engine of choice, then tells you EXACTLY what you need to do to steal their top positions.

Optimizing Your Site 4: If you don’t have a tool like that but think it would help, you can download a free trial version of one of the better ones at If you decide to buy it, you will have the same tool that makes eBay number one all over the world. And for about 0.

Well that’s it. You can dominate any niche you want with little time, effort or expense. Why do I feel so confident about it? This is the exact process I have used to dominate over fifty niches from Bass fishing to coin collecting and, of course, search engine optimization.

Above all else enjoy the ride. Best of luck!

Mike Small founded in 2004. With eleven years in SEO he has written several popular books on Web optimization and continues as a successful consultant working with clients from the US, UK and Japan.

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Get Affordable WordPress developers and WordPress designer from Samiflabs

Samiflabs is the leading WordPress development company located in Ahmadabad, India. We have an expert team of 40+ WordPress developer and WordPress designer with an experience of more than 7 years. Our expert teams of WordPress developer/designer are known for providing the best WordPress development and design services at affordable cost with high accuracy and superior quality. Our expert teams of WordPress developer/designer are very experience as they know the nuance of the market and work according to the market strategy. So hire such an expert team of WordPress developer/designer from Samiflabs who can take your website on the top. Our dedicated WordPress developer/designer can be hired with different hiring strategies such as Full time hiring; Part Time hiring or hourly depends on your requirements.

As we have an expert team of 40+ WordPress developer/designer with an experience of more than 7 years. So we provide every WordPress development and design services at affordable cost with finest accuracy. Some of our main WordPress development and design services includes: WordPress Web development, WordPress application development, WordPress CMS development, WordPress Theme development , WordPress Web design , WordPress Theme design, WordPress custom theme development, WordPress Template development, WordPress Template design, WordPress module development, WordPress Plugin, WordPress Extension development, WordPress Ecommerce development, WordPress Ecommerce design, WordPress implementation, WordPress hosting etc.

At Samiflabs our main aim is to provide the best quality WordPress development and design services to the clients. As we believe in good and trustworthy relationship with our clients. Samiflabs has experienced professional of WordPress development and design with highly qualified developers and designer who provide plenty of well designed wordpress themes in the wordpress world from which you can choose the one you like most. We offer create search engine friendly blogs which is helpful to complete in this ever growing online business area.

At Samiflabs as we have an expert team of 40+ WordPress developer/designer with an experience of more than 7 years. So, we provide every WordPress development and design services with finest accuracy and check everything before handling to the clients. We always develop creative designs for your WordPress projects. We always help to our clients for best guideline and we provide best services with time limit and also we consider budget for development. Also we give you special offer for WordPress design and other development services which are reduce cost.

If you want to hire best wordpress developers/designers from Samiflabs in affordable cost for best WordPress development and design services then please contact us at

Contact: – Samir Vohra 4th Floor, Gokul Complex, Ahmadabad -380001 India Ph: +1 213-814-7892

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Firepow – The Best Blogging software? – You Decide!

Firepow Blogging Software is a complete web-based tool that handles niche blog creation and management. Firepow builds blogs, generates traffic and much more. . It is the largest selection of blogging tools in one and is highly recommended for regular bloggers.

FirePow blogging software incorporates over 60 plugins into your blog. This software is based on the wordpress platform and allows the user to fully customised and functioning wordpress blogs in a few clicks. It is especially awesome for seo purposes as well as blog integration, wordpress installation, management and so much more.

Firepow creates a site management tab where all your blogs can be managed from one place, an SEO tracking tool to monitor the search rankings of all your sites, and a task manager that tells you what needs to be done to maintain your blog/s and when.

This exceptional system is specifically designed to help you complete these tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Firepow also will Get Article Content for keywords you enter by searching the top online article directories for relevant content in your niche so you can automatically add them to your niche site.

Of course many people are contemplating, as they do with many products, whether or not this will be the boost they need to unlock the door to online business success.

Let me play devils advocate for a minute, and start with the negative.

First off, let it be clearly known that no product, software, ebook or membership, is going to make you money – YOU have to do the work YOURSELF – sales letters love to give the impression that a product will do something FOR you but unless you’re willing to MAKE IT happen yourself – nothing will help you.

I expect Firepow to fit this category. Particularly because it’s a software that automates certain tasks, I expect it to convey the feeling of doing things for you. So don’t fall for it – whatever it says, remember that YOU will have work to do, and if you’re not ready to do that, then this product won’t help you.

Phew, now that that’s out of my system, we can continue on.

What does seem good about Firepow so far is that it combines the functions of various pieces of software into one ‘machine’ so to speak – which if only for the sake of nothing else but convenience, makes it a good thing. Less programs on my computer, less to think about, and hopefully less to do.

The things it combines are the tasks of (as the sales letter indicates) creating, marketing and managing your niche blog sites.

It does these things with the use of wordpress plugins, and features inside a central software, from where you can view or edit any of your blog sites – another big convenience factor.

The plugins are both a list compiled from existing plugins on the internet and those created specially by Andrew Hanson himself (the creator).

It’s these fresh plugins that seem to be the big selling point as promises have been made of effects like stealing viral traffic, multiplying your content automatically, and giving the site owner the capacity to get in touch with other site owners for extra leverage.

Supposedly it does everything from create your site (content too) to get you traffic and beyond – a hard task for any program.

Most of us know that niche blogging works, but just haven’t connected the dots fully yet. If that’s you – Firepow might be worth a look.

I’m going to post the link for you because I think tools like this don’t come along real often. This isn’t your every day clickbank software, this is something you need to take notice of, period.

Try It Today For

Article Written By J. Foley
Click Here For Your Trial.

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How To use the NextGen Gallery WordPress Plugin to add an image galler to your WordPress content.

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How To Start A Blog Using WordPress Blogging Software

I really enjoy blogging now that I have learned the essentials of how to start a blog and keeping it updated regularly. While you can’t learn all there is to know about starting a blog in 15 minutes, that is really all it takes to get one set up on the internet using the steps I’m about to share with you in this article.

If you want to reduce the risks involved with starting a blog then make a plan now to read this powerful information regarding it.

With that said are you ready to get started on setting up your first blog using WordPress, the most popular blogging software on the web today?

I am sure you are because that’s why your here right now in the first place.

Enough said already. Lets move on to Step #1.

Step #1: Choose a niche your passionate about.

I was blow away by how powerful choosing the right niche really is. Here’s why? Why start something you have NO interest in. Remember, your going to be producing content about a topic and if you have no interest in it your setting yourself up for failure. By choosing a niche your passionate about you’ll love blogging about it every day or every other day.

Believe me, this is the most important step to understand so choose wisely.

Step #2: Register a domain name around your niche.

Now don’t let this step scare you. It very easy to register a Domain Name. Here’s what you do.

Go to – – and enter in one of your main keywords related to your niche. For example – self improvement. From there Domains Bot will search its database of all available domain names around your keyword phrase and present you with the results. It doesn’t get any easier then this.

Once that is done and you have found a domain name you like that is focused around your niche it’s time now to register it with one of the domain registry services Domains Bot has built in to its service. To do this simply click on the ?Buy Now’ button. From there choose a domain register and set up an account, then proceed to follow to steps it guides you through. It’s that easy.

Once you’ve finished that move on to Step #3.

Step #3: Get a web hosting account set up.

Setting up a hosting account is easy as well. Things that are new to us always seen difficult, just be patient and follow the steps each service has in place for you. So with that said it’s time now to set up your web hosting account.

First go to – . Here you’ll find web hosting reviews so you can make a sound decision on which web hosting service you want to use. Take your time and read through a few of the reviews.

Once you have selected a web hosting service and set up your web hosting account and have followed there emailed instructions for adding your new domain name to your web hosting account and making it live on the web proceed to Step #4.

Step #4: Install wordpress blogging software using Fantastico through your cpanel.

Assuming you are logged into your web hosting account and things are working smoothly with your new domain name it is now time to install WordPress using Fantastico. What you need to do now is login into your cpanel(Control Panel) using your login information you set up with your web host and scroll down the page and locate the Fantastico icon.

Click on the icon and follow the instructions Fantastico guides you through. This only takes about 2 – 5 minutes. Its very straight forward.

Once you’ve completed that and have everything installed you’ll be given an login admin URL along with your username and password you set up. Simply login into your new wordpress blog using your username and password.

That’s it. Your blog is up and live. Now all you have to do is choose your theme and plugins.

Here’s a few resources for you to get started with. For WordPress Themes go to – – and for WordPress Plugins go to –

Now this may take you a little more then 15 minutes the first time around but after you do this a few times your timing will increase.

Remember, these are just the basic steps to setting up your WordPress blog using Fantastico and getting it online.

Looking to become an expert blogger in record time AND are serious about earning BIG money with blogging, then I highly recommend you check out my honest make money blogging product reviews. I’ve checked out all the top blogging products on the Internet and these are the ones that I think will benefit you most ==>

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WordPress Development in India and all over the world from SamifLabs

In the world of blogging, choosing a good blog engine is crucial because of the development time is shorter compares to a full fledge website. Currently there are two widely used blog engine which is the Blogspot or sometimes also known as Blogger and WordPress.

However, many full time blogger prefer to use the latter because the WordPress development is easier compare to by using the Blogger. Besides that, blogger also can convert PSD to WordPress templates, making the development time short. Not only that, blogger can get the service from WordPress designer and WordPress developer to design and develop a fully functioning and attractive blog that can generate huge amount of traffic to the blog.

There are many WordPress development all over the world, although WordPress development happens mostly in India. However having more sites all over the world means that they can support the development and design of a blog globally. Example there is WordPress development Denmark, WordPress development France, WordPress development Germany, WordPress development Netherlands, WordPress development Norway, WordPress development UK and WordPress development Spain in Europe to support the development of WordPress blogs in Europe.

In Asia, WordPress development is also gaining recognition and there are a lot of WordPress developers all around Asia for hire by Samiflabs especially for WordPress plugin development India while WordPress development Singapore is WordPress development sitein Asia. Others are like WordPress development Canada which is a WordPress development site based in the Northern America and WordPress development Australia.

As WordPress is an open source platform, one of the best features that WordPress has is its flexibility to customize its core functions with plugins to make customization to WordPress blog is simple, making each WordPress blog differs from one another. If one is to become a full time blogger, learning WordPress development or hiring someone who can developed a unique blog might not be a bad idea.

Tags: WordPress Development India, WordPress Customization India, WordPress Template Development India, WordPress Theme Development India, WordPress Shopping Cart Development India, WordPress India, WordPress Development in India, HTML to WordPress Development India, India WordPress Development , WordPress Blog Development India , WordPress CMS Development India, WordPress Developer India, WordPress Programmer India, WordPress Programming India , WordPress India

2868 backlinks from 717 blogs *30$ *

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Profit Instruments Reviews :: The Easiest Affiliate Strategy of $20,940 per month on AUTOPILOT

A 22 year old guy from INDIA quit a day job that made him 0 a month and he has created an affiliate system that makes him ,940 EVERY month!! Its the SIMPLEST strategy that I’ve seen in years…

Its about creating these tiny sites called “Profit Instruments” which are focused on “Product Name Keywords”.

He created a free video in which he not only reveals that website but also explains how YOU can create a similar website in less than 3 HOURS. Its a unique twist to affiliate marketing that’s proven to work over and over again.

These Profit Instruments get toprankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing and get loads of free traffic!! and make money

day after dayon complete autopilot. He just throws up a website in a coupleof hours and forgets about it.

Soon enough, this tiny website keeps on making him money and he NEVER even touches it again…now THAT’S Autopilot! This autopilot income system is a simple three step process:

?? 1. Selection
?? 2. Creation
?? 3. Promotion

Step 1: Selection

In Selection, you’ll go to various ‘selection sources’ like Clickbank, Amazon, CPA Networks…
any place where you can find products to promote as an affiliate.
The key here is not to go an select any product you feel like. There are various factors involved in selection like:
How many people search for the PNK every month.??And how difficult will it be for you to rank in the search engines.

Step 2: Creation
The Profit Instrument will be created on a very popular platform called ‘WordPress’ for two
simple reasons:
Any newbie can understand WordPress in mere hours because its just so simple to use.
Second, and more importantly… Google loves websites created with WordPress
and rewards them with awesome rankings.

Step 3: Promotion
After Creation, the next step is to do a little bit of promotion to give your PI (which is short for
Profit Instrument) a good boost in the rankings and help you make more money.
In promotion, you just follow a few simple ‘search engine optimization’ strategies, which can
take you anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours depending on your speed.
After that? Just sit back, relax, and just watch the money pour in while you’re sipping cool aid and watching prime time sports with your family.

Check out the free video here

Now he’s giving away some really cool “Early Mover” bonuses for the first few customers who orders in 24 hours

of launch. A wordpress plugin which costed him 00 to develop called PI setup plugin – This? piece of magic will install all the required plugins, change your permalink settings, setup the articles, setup the sidebar, and create the privacy, contact, and about us pages on your Profit Instrument. And here’s the best part ? ALL IN ONE CLICK OF A BUTTON.
(?Unbelievable, eh?) Just install the PI Setup plugin, and click a button ? the plugin will handle the rest. Its definitely a huge time saver and you’ll love it. Remember Only for the first 24 hours available.

The second killer bonus for the first 200 customers – A Video walkthrough where you can watch the shoulder to shoulder Full live profit instrument in front of you.

A special early bird bonus – He provides a CASE STUDY showing a Profit Instrument that makes him more than k per month.?

The bad news of Profit Instruments is this is not open for all and only limited copy is being sold. So This will probably SELL OUT very soon, check it out NOW

Article from for the complete video WP-DBManager: A WordPress plugin for maintenance, designed to backup your blog’s database on a schedule that you setup. It will optionally email that backup to you, in addition to saving it on your server. This plugin also contains features to allow you to optimize your database on a schedule, or repair or restore your database via the built in control panel. In the event of a server hack or crash, you will need to restore your database back to a good version. Don’t wait until you need to restore a database to load and setup this plugin. Set it up now, and let it run so when you do need it, it is already there

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