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???? If you own a sports blog and would like a theme that goes along with what your writing about graphics make a huge difference.? This is what people see first.? WordPress is an all in one CMS.? It gives you so much more ability then blogger.? The only problem that wordpress has is that it does’nt offer a large variety of themes to pick from.? Getting a quality basketball theme sometimes can run you thousands of dollars.? Let’s say you would like to write about golf or gymnastics. To have a theme built can be expensive.? Having access to a free wordpress theme site will give you the opportunity to choose what you want and if you have some html experience you can easily change the header and sidebars-but many times this is unnecessary.? Being able to do so much with a free theme that’s what it’s all about.? Knowing html will give you an advantage but with these free sports wordpress themes you don’t need any knowledge.? Have you ever uploaded wordpress to your hosting before?? Listen I have a 12 year old that saw the video twice and le learned it.? So while you might think your a beginner you to can also upload your wordpress site-it literally takes a few minutes. Now I know you think blogger is the way to go but wordpress gives you the ability to have a sitemap for all major search engines, anotherwords when you post your writings search engines will pick it up immediately.? These are called plugins and can be easily added through your admin panel.? You can add banners, adsense, whatever you like.? Now this is where you can make some good money.? If you have a sports niche or have a ebay partner account-it’s like automatic money.

Money Can Be Made With Free Themes

???? WordPress plugins have come a long way. There are many that allow you to use for free.? These can be used in various ways.? Some of the best free wordpress plugins are the seo and sitemap plugins.? Once you post an article the engines will crawls your site immediately giving you immediate presence within the three major search engines.? Free themes give you the ability to add these plugins right from the admin panel.? That’s right you can search for these and add them by just downloading them from the admin panel.? You can add videos automatically and banners.? You can also add tags that are Se friendly.? Why would you pay for a theme that will cost you quite a bit of money when you can get it for free.? I have seen newbies that have no idea on theme management make 500.00 a day with these free themes.? You can even add a free autoblogging plugin in which you don’t have to do anything, rss feeds get pulled in from various sites that you like and you can have your link attached giving you the ability to make money with doing absolutely no work.? By having access to thousands of themes you can make endless amounts of money.? You just have to find the niche you like.? Once you have found your niche just browse through these free themes to see which ones you’d like to use.?

Rank Higher In Search Engines

???? OK the easiest way to rank higher in search engines is to add a free link exchange which is a plugin that wordpress offers.? By adding this plugin other wordpress users automatically will be adding your link as you will them.? It’s like or called a linkwheel.? Now this plugin is free but you first have to be authorized to use it.? This takes roughly a few days-then you just a code to your sidebar and your done.? So link building is actually automatically done for you.? When you see clickbank ads saying that no website is needed to make money this is what they mean,? thousands of people are using this strategy daily across the globe.? Use your head and use the google keyword tool to get a niche that you know a little about.? Pull up a keyword phrase and have your domain close to this.? Then use it in the title of the blog, this will help you rank higher.? Lastly put having the ability to choose between wordpress themes makes you more credible to your readers.?

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