Hello Everyone, Last month I decided to grab the Ninja Affiliate plug-in for WordPress and discover how easy it is to turn any keyword into affiliate links that make money. Most of you have heard about this great plugin but maybe you didn’t use it yet. We have a special offer for our blog readers, you can get MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin now for 30$ off the normal price, this discount is for limited time, it will expire after 5 days starting from today, so make sure to get today before time ends and take your blog to the next level.

What is Ninja Affiliate Plugin?

What the Ninja affiliate plugin does is to convert some of the keywords or key-phrases in your blog posts into affiliate links there by giving you non-intrusive opportunities to generate greater blog income. The best feature I like which is the core basis of this wordpress plugin is actually the option to automatically convert your blog keywords into links to the affiliate product of your choice; the best part is that even your old keywords can turn into money-making affiliate links.



I felt that even though this is a plug-in, it will truly benefit me and any-other affiliate tremendously in the long-run.

Why I like MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate?

Just think about this for a moment ? let’s say you’ve found a brand new affiliate program and you can’t wait to promote it to your blog. You don’t have to wait until you write your next post, just use Ninja Affiliate plugin and it’ll convert the keywords of your choice into affiliate links on auto-pilot. You work once, and all the keywords you input will be turned into links that make money, without you having to edit any post whatsoever.


And how this helps you? By saving you a ton of time, effort and energy.

What that means is? instead of editing links and posts, you actually have a lot more time to write content and promote your blog ? what will eventually drive visitors to your money-making links.

What I like about this little plugin is that it’s updated from time to time, and new features and add-ons are loaded frequently.

1.???? Easy Affiliate Link Management ? You can easily give each affiliate link an easy-to-remember name..

2.???? Flexible Link Management ? Accepts every affiliate link format out there, so you don’t have to waste time with various affiliate marketing tools..

3.???? Create Professional Redirect Links ? Use professional looking redirect links that let your prospects know you’re a pro marketer..

4.???? Manage Links by Groups ? Too many affiliate links? Ninja Affiliate allows you to easily create different groups to manage your links..

5.???? Prevent “Affiliate Theft” ? Cloak your affiliate links to prevent link theft and affiliate sabotage. No one will ever steal your hard-earned commissions again..

6.???? Insert Affiliate Links Directly ? Add your affiliate links directly for your WordPress blog editor ? you’ll never have to hunt for links again..

7.???? Transform Keywords to Links ? Automatically turn keywords in your blog to affiliate links. You can set a limit too, so your posts don’t look like a spam blog!

8.???? Advanced Display Options ? Ninja Affiliate allows you to display any text you want in your web browser’s status bar..

9.???? Use “No-Follow” Links ? Control your link juice and escape punishment from Big Daddy Google with ninja precision. In fact, you can control your links any way you want to.

It’s in your best interest to buy it today if you want to SAVE a ton of time, effort and energy on editing links and actually dedicating yourself on what makes you real money writing posts and driving traffic to your blog.

When this Offer will end?

The offer will end in 5 days from now. The normal price of this plugin is .00 and it has made me much more than that since the first day I hit the install button in WordPress. Right now?you can pick it up for .00 and really take your affiliate marketing to a whole new, easier to manage level.


I would like to hear your opinions on MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin.

Click here to visit official MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate site?

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