Above are the rest of the options in the all in one seo pack. The first three fields have to do with auto-generating the keywords tag. As mentioned above, the keyword tag isn’t nearly as effective as it once was, making this a part of your site you definitely want to automate. The all in one seo pack give you the option to include categories as your keywords, tags for your keywords, or both. As you can see above, I use the tags to auto-populate my keyword tags. There is no harm in using your categories as well, especially if you have a lot of them. The field to use your tags is important and should always be checked. The third field is your on/off switch for auto-generating keyword meta tags on your post pages. This should also be checked.

The next three fields give you the option to no index certain types of pages on your site. For example if you don’t want search engine and other crawlers seeing your archives, check the”use no index for archive pages” field. Some SEO’s I’ve seen choose to no index their tags or archive pages. In my mind the URLs on your site on your assets. Having more pages indexed on your site gives two benefits: it increases the power of internal links and it enables you to rank for a broader range of terms. There are reason for no indexing certain pages on your site, but those are advanced seo tactics outside the scope of this post.

The remaining fields in the all in one seo pack include auto-generating descriptions and capitalizing categories. I choose to write my own descriptions, however you can choose to auto-populate them if you wish. If you choose to auto-populate them, it will pull in content from your page and place it in the description tag. It is best to write your own desciptions for each page that include the keyword(s) you are trying to rank the page for. Also keep in mind that you can include call to action in your description tags which can increase the chances of your listing getting clicked on in the SERPS. Capitalizing category titles is simply a styling issue. I choose to do so as I think it looks more professional. There is no seo impact here either way. The remaining four fields in the all in one seo pack I do not use.

George Fischer is a blogger for SEO Lair, a blog on advanced seo tactics and seo strategies for beginners. In his freee time he enjoys learning new online marketing tactics, basketball, and snowboarding. Follow him on twitter @seolair.

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