On March 29nd Anik Singal will be launching his new Profit Jackpot automated internet solution that is currently helping him building their so-called “internet empire”.

But we don’t have to wait until March 29th to set our mind. We can start right now.

But let me introduce you to Anik Singal, in case you don’t know him.

–          In 2005: he started internet business (he is a good learner and learned from the best internet Gurus…trust me)

–          In 2006: he did $ 300K in internet sales (mainly selling other products through affiliation – our bonuses will teach you more about that!)

–          In 2007: he did $ 1M / In 2008: he did $ 2.4M / In 2009: he did $ 7.4M

–          Today he is running a Inc 500 company and #2 Fastest Growing Education Company in 2009 as named by Inc Magazine) and  was personally named Top 3 Entrepreneurs under 25 by BusinessWeek magazine in 2009.

–          Last year in 2010: he reached $ 10M in internet sales!


Anik Singal’s point of view is that it is far more difficult to get from 0 to $300K than from $7M to $10M a year in internet sales. 

I have personally done $1M in sales last year…and I perfectly agree with him.

Things are really rolling more easily now for me. All I have to do is to focus on the right next steps and accelerate without spending time on non-valuable tasks. And it is more question of mindset, focus and priorities than a question of techniques and tips.

Why waiting for March 22nd (date Anik will reveal Profit Jackpot) to get immediate access to Anik Singal’s secret formulas when you can get some of them free right now on your mail?

Yes Anik Singal has gathered a free 158 pages report and 5 hours video series (all this ressoruce is free) revealing his 4 formulas to get your first $300K in one year and then grow to $10M a year. You can get access to this invaluable resource to get started and rolling your internet business for free.

Here are the main chapters and parts of the Empire Formula by Anik Singal:

  1. The Market Formula: Why you need a “Freedom Niche” / Forget everything you know about niche marketing! / A simple example of a Freedom Niche…/ So what’s the point?
  2. The Product Formula: Digital products – why? / Walk the path of least struggle… / The Five Types of Products / Quick “what it is” about outsourcing… / Time for your first product! / The easiest, cheapest product to create… / The product development process… simplified! / Where to find outsourcers? / What if you’re forced to DIY?
  3. The Traffic Formula: Start an Affiliate Program! / The affiliate marketing process… / Commissions – How Much to Pay? / Free Traffic: Forums, I Love ‘em! / My first SUCCESSFUL product! / The REAL power of networking… my first $150,000! / Free Traffic: Article Marketing / Free Traffic: Facebook and Twitter / My Solo Advertising Formula / My favorite four-letter word: TEST! / The Power of the Sales “Funnel” / Freedom Funnels… / Your Own Product Funnel / OPP (Other People’s Products) FUNNEL / Funnel Pricing Rules
  4. The List Formula: Growing Your Leads List / My All Time Favorite Optin / Conversion Strategies / Converting Leads Into Buyers – Your Relationship with Your List / 10 Days to a Sale / The affiliate product review / The “magic bonus” method… / Scheduling mailings to your list / The $ Value of a Lead / Lifetime Value of a Customer / Promote STRATEGIC OFFERS to all your lists! / The benefits of promoting launches…

Receive them immediately on your mail. Whether you are interested in Profit Jackpot or not, get these free report and videos now!

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