Google Adsense is a fantastic way to monetize your website.   There is no point having a website if it is earning no money when you can easily ad some Adsense ads to it and earn a good income.

Some webmasters find it hard to earn a reasonable amount of money using Adsense while others are earning a remarkable income just using Adsense alone.

The reason why some webmasters do better than others in the amount of income that they earn is the way in which they set up their website, the way they place their ads and the way they optimize their site for search engines.

To reach the highest potential of income with Adsense it is important to spend the time in setting up your website correctly and not just rushing a site and placing any Adsense ads anywhere.

It is amazing how much difference it can make to your income by tweaking your ads and your website.

The type of Adsense ad that you use can make a huge difference to the clicks you will receive.  The Large Rectangle for example tends to receive much more clicks than other size ads.  Your main goal is to have as many clicks as you possibly can, so it is best to use the ads that tend to perform better such as the Large Rectangle or the Medium Rectangle.

Where you place your ads can also make a big difference.  Not everyone stays on a website long enough to scroll down the page, so it is vital to have ads above the fold (where they show on the page before scrolling down).

Near the link bar on the left of the page is a place where most people look and is therefore also a god place to put a block of ads.

The types of colors you use for your ads will also make a big difference to your number of clicks.  It helps to have the background color of your ad the same color as the background of your site.

By setting the border color to the same as the background color will make the border disappear, making your ads look less like ads and encourage more clicks.

By having the color of the ad titles the same color as the headings on your website will also blend your ads into your webpage and make them look less like ads.

It is quite important to use of relevant keywords throughout the content of your website.  If you optimize your site well with god quality keywords you will be favoured by the search engines and gain a good page ranking. The higher your page ranking the more visitors you will receive to your website.

You need to drive traffic to your website to receive enough clicks on your ads to earn a good income.  Without traffic you will not get any clicks.  Do some research and explore the different ways to drive traffic to your site and use as many ways as you can.  The more traffic you receive the more income you will make.

It is worth it in the long run to spend the time working on your website and getting it just right.  If you aren’t seeing enough clicks on your Adsense ads, then tweak your site a bit more, make some changes and see if they make a difference.  Find out what works best for you and your site and stick with it.

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