Synergy exists when 2+2>4. That is to say is when you add two things the result is greater than the sum of its parts. This is exactly what Google Adsense is all about. It is an application which helps complimentary needs meet and both parties gain in the process.

Each one on the internet wants more traffic to go to their websites. This is because more traffic translates into more sales or more advertising revenue. But how can one bring that about. Well, Google found a very simple way. They observed that existing traffic is distributed amongst various websites and needs to be redirected. A large number of these web pages were blogs set up for information purposes.

On the other hand these blog owners had a hard time maintaining an updating their blogs even though they had traffic. They did not have a revenue model and therefore no way of using this traffic for any profitable commercial use.

Enter Google Adsense, which makes it possible for blog owners to register with them for free. Analysts then analyze the contents on their blog and paste suitable advertisements. Each time the advertisement is clicked the blog owner gets paid. On the other hand when each time someone clicks and is redirected to a particular site, they have to pay Google. So Google successfully intermediates between large number of website owners and bloggers and creates a win-win situation for both.

It has worked like magic for Google and for many of the bloggers. But there were some instances of click fraud which came to light as many people started making networks and clicking on the links in each other blogs. But Google has built systems to circumvent this but in the process the transparency has been killed.

This is largely because bloggers and web page owners now don?t know what are the number of clicks that they are being paid for. They have no way of verifying whether Google has considered all the clicks or mistakenly labeled some as fraud. The only way out is to trust Google but it is not as dismal as it sounds. Most bloggers are happy and believe Google is a honest company and pays them their due share without any deductions.

Google Adsense has worked so well because it fulfilled a latent need for all the parties involved. Customers had to take the pain of finding information at one point and shopping at another. They are redirected for a fee which the blogger gains and is paid by the marketer who gets the customer at a fraction of the price he/she would have otherwise spent.

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