An article published in the New York Times not too long ago states that the number of bloggers between the ages of twelve and seventeen has been declining. The study takes this particular statistic and employs it to pose the question of whether blogging as a whole is starting to fall out of favor and whether or not its use as an online communication tool has died. Do you feel this is the case? Is blogging, particularly in the world of Internet marketing and online sales, dying? What would this mean for marketers if it turns out to be true? We decided that it would be a wise decision to look intently at this problem and find out whether or not it would actually have a large impact on the arena of Internet marketing.

The first thing that we learned is that blogging, particularly as a form of online communication is not actually dying. The statistic found in the posting, that kids aged 12-17 doesn’t actually mean that blogging is dying. The simple truth is that individuals in this age group seem to just be moving over over to the other kinds of social websites like Twitter and Facebook–Facebook, especially, since it offers its members the ability to create “notes” which can act in the same fashion as blog posts and will let the user have control over who can see what has been composed. Adults are a lot more likely to build their own web properties than kidsparticularly because pesky things like parental consent are not an issue.

It is additionally crucial to consider the indisputable fact that blogging is difficult. Blogging just isn’t an easy onetime issue. If you wish to make money online, especially when you are in Internet Marketing, you ought to be willing to actually commit to the activity if you want to find success with the activity. When the blogs experienced an enormous surge of popularity between 2004-2006 lots of Online marketers jumped right onto the blogging bandwagon, believing that they could easily create sites that looked like blogs, put up some advertising and be done with their work. Most of the individuals who experimented with this found very quickly that the only way to generate real income via blogging was to always be updating their sites with brand new information. This is precisely why many internet marketers have departed from blogging as a form of earning money online.

Google has also been recently working overtime to crack down on the folks who have stolen content from other people and used it for their own blog and site purposes. This means that, every day, Google de-indexes more sites–the websites that get this done to them are the blogs created by people who employed software to steal content off of other blogs and websites for themselves. With so many blogs being taken off the radar, you can easily believe that blogging is dying and that the sites are merely being shut down.

The real truth is that blogging is not dying. The truth is that blogging is merely being much better regulated which makes it harder for people to earn money through these mediums. This can influence some early facts but we are comfortable saying that blogging isn’t actually going anywhere. It is simply starting to be recognized for what it really is: a communication tool. Blogging will always be better method for people who want to share information than it is for someone to earn money.

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