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Joomla and wordpress are very popular CMS (Content Management System) in preset web design and development market. Both are opensource and stable. Both provides user friendly, easily manageable admin control panel. A short guideline is enough to manage the contents of a Joomla / WordPress website easily. WordPress basically used for blog site development. But now it is being used for other type of sites development also. A bunch of free wordpress plugins are available in market and those can be manipulate easily. Some webmasters even prefer wordpress more rather than other PHP CMS opensources because of it’s user friendly admin interface. Joomla codes are beased on? MVC (Model View controller) architecture. The basic features of Joomla are content scheduling, simple and expandable template and component system, on-line administration, asset managemen, simple web statistics, caching mechanism that speeds up the site’s operation. The security features are content approval, email verification and protection from spam robots, login history, session management, versioning, hierarchical user groups.

Now Indian PHP developers are providing Joomla, WordPress web solutions at cost effective price. ScriptsTurbo group is one of theme. Now through Joomla and wordpress any kind of website can be developed easily. Any kind of requirements can be fulfill by Joomla and WP. To get the original benifit of Joomla / WordPress you only need to hire expert(s). We do develop high level Joomla components, modules, plugins and WordPress plugins. If you are planing to develop your own / company website then you can choose Joomla or WordPress as basic CMS platform and hire expert Joomla, WordPress developer(s). We provide A1 quality attractive design layout. Because we know the value of quality design for web promotion and internet marketing.


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