Better Lead Management

Combining WordPress with the features of your hosting provider, you can get a bird’s eye view on who is visiting your site. Having GA installed will allow you to see unquie and returning visitors. If you create a special sign up form where people can fill up their information, you can get a better idea on how many people are actually interested in your site. After they have completed this form , they will then be recorded in your data and will be add to a list allowing you to control your members and what they see. Depending on the form that you made all your subscribers fill out will depend on how much you will end up knowing about your members. Some plugins allow you to export this information in a format that autoresponder services can read so you can combine different lists together.

Effective Messaging

Once you have a couple hundred members it will be allot easier to assign special announcements, to these members with a auto responder. These messages are not visible to the public so visitors will still be encouraged to register just to see what your blog has to offer. This is the main marketing component since you can send promotional content without being labeled as a spammer since every member willfully signed up and agreed to receive announcements from you.

Making things automatic

It’s important to remember that your members are human and they need fresh new content every day, to stay in your membership site. If you find this routine to be a bit much on your online schedule, you can use WordPress membership plugins to do some of the work for you. Once you have writen the content make sure that you set it up to go out at a certain time and you will be set. Plugins with drip marketing is good since the plugin automatically sends large pieces of marketing information in segments.

Payment Gateways

WordPress by it’s self is not made for payment taking, even know it can be set up for a little knowlegde, if your interested in taking payments with wordpress plugins are the way to go, and membership plugins are really the whole package. Several membership plugins provide a simple interface for others to securely make payments so they can stay subscribed to exclusive paid features or online products. Wish List, MemberWing X & Digital Access Pass is one example of a plugin that provides PayPal Express Checkout functionality along with support for major credit cards and affiliate management.

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Article from I installed the ezinearticles plugin. Does a pretty good job. You can download it from inside your wordpress installation. I used a pretty complex post with audio links and a video inside it along with quotes and graphics. It stripped out all the graphics and on validating it it showed me an error with having a link in before the ‘fold’. I just removed the link using copy and cut commands and re-validated. Bingo! After submitting I pasted the link etc back into the article and updated. I checked inside EZA and all looks pretty good. If it gets approved that’s super and saves a few extra steps. If you have any issues let me know and I will append the post at this link

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