The SEOPressor plugin for WordPress offers users an easy way to analyze their on page SEO and amend it as necessary to make it as easy as possible to get a high search engine ranking.

What is on page SEO and why is it important?
On Page SEO means setting out a site and its pages and posts in a search engine friendly way such that the relevancy of content is understood by the search engines. This is important because the search engines will be reluctant to display pages and posts if they are not sure what they are about. In practice this means that the better the on page SEO the fewer backlinks will be required for a given ranking.

However, it should be noted that neither the SEOPressor plugin nor and other SEO tools will help if the keywords chosen are too competitive.

What is the SEOPress Plugin and what does it do?
SEOPressor is a WordPress plugin which is installed in the normal way. Once installed it can be configured to set which changes it is allowed to make on its own. There are screens showing all pages and all posts and a keyword for each of these can be entered here.

The plugin will analyze each page and post and give it a score for its on page SEO which is displayed on the summary screens. On the screen for each page and post the score is shown predominantly at the top right and underneath there is the keyword density percentage and a list of actions required to improve the score.

How will the SEOPressor Plugin help WordPress users?
The SEOPressor plugin will help users in three ways:

Ensure that pages and posts are properly analyzed. Although this could be done manually it would be time consuming and few people would actually do it. With the SEOPressor Plugin it happens each time you “Update” and the score is difficult to ignore.
Enable anyone to achieve good on page SEO. Even if you know nothing about SEO all you have to is follow the SEOPressor plugin instructions and your score will go up.
Teaches users how things should be done. Once you have corrected an error a few times it becomes natural to get it right in the first place.

So if you are seeking a high search engine ranking the SEOPressor plugin will be an invaluable tool to help achieve this aim.

I can recommend the SEOPressor Plugin because it saves a lot of time and has helped get my content ranked on the search engines. If you think that SEOPressor could help you Click Here to learn more.

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