If you are like me who like the WordPress interface, you must know some handy tips before you choose a wordpress theme for your blog.? WordPress themes are vastly available on the Internet. There are a wide variety of free WordPress themes that can be found. Go to Google and search for “free wordpress themes” and on the first page you can find some really good ones for your blog.How to choose one that will enhance the quality of your links and the propensity of people to buy is a task you need to undertake if you want to make money online

Below are some important features of a WordPress Blog that I think you should have (not need; ok this doesn’t apply to all but essentially half of it). Read on to find out more.

Probably the most important thing is that the browser is compatible across browsers.? When you build a site, look at it in Internet Explorer as well as Firefox.? If you are neither a fan of using them, check with Chrome and Safari. Check it out on PCs and Macs if you can.? You don’t want anyone’s experience on your website to be diminished because the theme is not compatible with their browser.
You want your word press theme to load quickly.? Completed graphics and videos will lag website loading. If you are using a free theme, try loading someone else’s site that uses the theme before you take the trouble to put it on your own site.? If the CSS is compressed, this can speed page load time.
The next feature you want to look for is the ability to add widgets to your word press theme.? Now this issue is contentious, but I think widgets are good especially those 125 x 125 ad banners. Widgets also allow scripts like HTML or Javascripts. One of the great features of the word press software is the availability of add on scripts called widgets.? These are extremely easy to upload.? But, if your theme can’t handle widgets easily, it’s not worth it, even if it has a nice look.
Is the theme SEO optimized?? It doesn’t matter how good your content is if the search engines can’t find it.? I highly recommend the WordPress Plugin All-In-One-SEO Plugin. Some things to check for as far as SEO compatible themes include an emphasis on content rather than graphics, have HTML validation, and should display post extracts on archive and category pages.
Make sure your word press theme has a search capability.? Enabling a search feature allows your visitors to browse through other articles or content. This is a basic item, but there are still some themes that don’t have the compatibility for search.
Is the theme already overused?? If too many marketers are already using the theme, your web site might have a “me too” feel.? If you are code savvy, then consider modifying your theme a little to make it more unique.
If you plan to have ads on your site ? either banner ads or Adsense ? make sure that the theme supports them in its design.

Bearing in mind the above tips, it should guide you on how to choose a WordPress theme for your blog. If you are still contemplating on using WordPress for your blog, one more last tip for you to ponder on.. Google loves WordPress 😉 Cheers!

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