Running a lot of different types of blogs comes with their own issues and problems, especially regarding how to post fresh content on them all regularly. This is assuming you aren’t able to outsource, hire staff, or have your a writer you can pay do these tasks for you on a regular basis. These are solutions that can cost a lot of money.

One solution is to use auto blogging software, such as a wordpress plugin, that can do most of the work for you. There is generally a one-off cost but that is off-set with the fact that most of the repetitive tasks that need to be completed on a large scale are now being done by the software, especially the automatic adding of content. This type of solution is best suited towards a wordpress blog, but there are also some other blogger platforms that you can use instead like blogger. There are some non wordpress auto blogging solutions also that do the same thing for you. Posting on blogger may not loon as professional as using wordpress, but for the newbie and some people it is a solution that works very well for them as an alternative because blogger is free.

Such a plugin can help you to quickly setup the blog and add content, some times in as short a time as 10 minutes, leaving you free to concentrate on other things. It is important to note that such a solution is not something that you can quickly setup and leave, and like magic things will start happening. The same SEO principles that you would use in manually configuring a wordpress blog also apply when using an autoblogging solution.

One of the most important things to be aware of when setting up an auto blog is in the area of content, Most auto blog plugins will get their content from somewhere automatically once you have chosen the keywords that you want to use, such a yahoo answers, ezinearticles or wikipedia.

I can see you thinking that you will never have to write an article again using this solution? Sadly no, you will still need to do some writing. Why? Because search engines, and Google especially reward sites that have original content. If you are using an auto blog solution, then what is posted on your site won’t be original as it has already been written. Yes, google will still rank you site and everything else will stay that same but it wont rank as well. That is because where there is a situation of duplication Google will only show one of the articles. Generally they will favor the article that has already been SEO optimized by the original author. Your site won’t be punished from google, but you are running the risk of greatly reducing the potential for getting more traffic to your blog.

Fear not, because there is a solution, however it requires a little bit of work on your behalf. You can spend a few more minutes editing the article so that it is almost the same, but appears to be 100% different to the search engine. Changing sentences to read almost the same but be different is not difficult to do. There is spinning software that does the same thing as well, but there is no substitute for a human editor. A lot of the time spinning software makes the syntax garbled and difficult to understand. It goes without saying that there are going to be real people coming to your site to get information from you. So you want it to sound as natural as possible?

Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of auto blogs in that you have to do some work yourself?

If it were an ideal world yes, you could set-it-and-forget it. However what happens is that people visit your site and bounce away because there is no value in it for them. The information you have on your blog needs to be able to be relatable to the visitors, especially if you are using the site to make money. The auto blog software does a lot of the leg work for you, and by editing and fine-tuning the articles and information that has been posted on the site by the plugin it will pay off for you in spades. Also, you will not rank as well as you could be in the search engines.

Take the time to spend a few more minutes in re-editing the articles that have been created using auto blogging software, thereby ensuring that the content created is in fact 100% unique. In the long run it will enable yo to maximise the benefits that this type of software can give you, and still save you a lot of time.

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