SeoPressor or Seo Pressor as some say, is a premium wordpress seo plugin that focuses purely on-On Page Seo. It does not do anything for off page seo and link building. For those of you that don’t know alot about seo, i’ll explain the basics of search engine optimisation or seo in short:

Theres simply 2 parts to seo, On Page and Off Page Seo

On Page Seo consists of optimising all your content in your blog posts or website pages so that your content is search engine friendly, therefore friendly to a search query.
Off Page Seo involves building links from other sites to yours. If the site has a higher page rank than you,thats even better.

What Daniel Tan has done is hes studied google, not other so called experts and read all the avialable information that google has in order to create a wordpress seo plugin called seopressor that simplifies all your on page seo. Daniel Tan has created seopressor so that the plugins code does all the hard work. He has made it very simple to use yet highly effective.

Theres absolutely no technical skills required to use seopressor effectively. The only thing it doesn’t do at the moment is add no follow to outgoing links. This is needed for better on page seo and higher search engine rankings so you l’ll need to install another wordpress plugin or add them manually to do this. Daniel informed me today that this feature will be added in the next huge upgrade.

How Does Seopressor Work?

This Seo plugin will analyse your content the same way the google bot scans your content then runs it through a program based on all the information google has disclosed about its own formula. Seopressor then gives you a seo score and tells you what you have done correctly and what you need to do, based on seo best practises, to get your seo score as close to 100% as possible.

Some of these changes can be set by yourself using seopressors settings and be done automatically. You can make other basic changes manually like correct use of headings.

Seopressor also makes sure you have enough keywords in your content. This is called keyword density and seopressor will also let you know if you have to many keywords in your content so that google cannot accuse you of keyword stuffing and penalise you.

Seopressor only takes care of your on page seo so you will need to use a keyword tool to choose your main keyword before you start. I use the free google adwords keyword tool which makes it very simple to choose your keywords and complete basic keyword research in 5 minutes or less.

Yes i know there’s great free info out there at search engine land and the like but who’s got time to spend learning seo? If your not an seo expert and want to save time like me, i prefer a simple plugin that does a great job and gets the results. You can always learn seo yourself and complete all the work it does manually or you can use seopressor which will do it automatically or simply tell you what you need to do.

My name is Brad Dalton and I’m a full time WordPress SEO Expert helping Companies and Individuals improve and increase thier SERPS and site traffic.

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