There is a myth out there that WorpdPress can give your blog high rankings in the search engine, right out of the box. This obviously isn’t true or every blog powered by WordPress would rank well, which isn’t the case. There is simply no way this software can know what keywords you wish to rank for and what your target market is, without your input.

Unfortunately, for many news users of WordPress, it isn’t common knowledge that this wonderful blogging software isn’t very SEO friendly right out of the box. This is why almost every experienced WordPress user likes to tweak their settings and use various plugins. Many of these plugins can help to maximize your blog for the search engines. However, there are so many plugins available, it’s hard to know which ones to use.

For all of my blogs, I always use three extremely important plugins that I feel work together to substantially increase my rankings.

Platinum SEO Pack

This is by far the best plugin I have ever come across. It allows you to optimize the post and page titles for the search engines, and will also generate search engine friendly meta tags automatically.

This basically means that now the title of your posts will appear before the blog title in the search engine results. This is extremely important if you are trying to rank for a certain keyword or for boosting your search engine rankings in general.

SEO Friendly Images

One powerful way to optimize your blog with your chosen keywords, is through the ALT tag. This plugin allows you to create keyword rich images all over your blog, quickly and easily.

This is a very underutilized way of driving traffic to your site, but is really quite simple to do with this handy little plugin.

Sitemap Generator Plugin For WordPress

Sitemaps ensure that your entire blog will be crawled properly by the search engine robots. If you don’t have a sitemap, you are taking a huge risk, especially with the Google bots.

This dynamic plugin will automatically create a sitemap that includes both pages and categories, in any order you select.

Each time I create a new blog and setup these plugins, it takes less than 30 minutes. You don’t have to be very tech savvy to use them, since all three plugins are pretty straightforward and quite simple. Now all you need to do is add content and you will be ready to dominate the search engines!

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