When you go looking for a content management system for your online business, one of the best choices for the beginner is WordPress.? With the large variety of WordPress sales page templates available, even those with almost no technical skills can create amazing, professional looking websites with ease.

When searching for sales page themes for your online business, you may encounter some new terms that you may not be familiar with.? While you could find some perfect WordPress sales page templates by browsing through the thousands of available sales page themes, you will find this to be a very time consuming task.? It will make your job much easier if you understand some of the terminology used to define WordPress sales page templates.

Columns -? WordPress sales page templates are often defined by columns.? Columns refers to the vertical lines of content on the page.? While most sales page themes consist of two columns, one for the content and one for the sidebar menus and widgets, there are also single, three and four column WordPress sales page templates that lend themselves perfectly to different online marketing plans.

Sidebars – WordPress sales page templates usually have at least one sidebar and, many of them, have two sidebars.? The sidebars are editable regions of your WordPress sales page templates where you can place WordPress widgets, menus or even custom html code for advertising.? Common variations include left sidebars, right sidebars, both sidebars or two sidebars on one side.

Rounded Corners – We have all seen those professional websites with the perfectly rounded corners.? Believe it or not, there is a lot going on behind the scenes to make this happen.? If you want these perfectly rounded corners on your websites, make sure your search includes WordPress sales page templates with rounded corners because it is much easier to start with sales page templates that include this feature than it is to add them in later.

WordPress Plugins – Plugins are those nice little add on’s that make your WordPress sales page templates stand out.? Plugins can increase the functionality of your page, improve your search engine optimization or even help you connect your online business to social media networks.? While not technically a search term for sales page themes, knowing this term is important to insuring that your websites are as unique as you are.

Fluid & Fixed Layouts – This can be an important search term in your quest for the perfect WordPress sales page templates.? Fluid layouts are able to flex to accomodate your content, allowing the best fit for your website visitors screen size.? Fixed layouts have a set, or fixed, position.? This fixed positioning means that your websites content will have to conform to the imposed limits of the sales page themes layout no matter what size monitor your website visitor is using.

By understanding the basic terminology involved when searching for WordPress sales page templates, you can quickly narrow down your search to include only WordPress sales page themes that offer the feature you want on your websites and make the process of finding perfect sales page templates much easier.? A good place to start looking for these templates is at http://www.wordpressartist.com.

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