I am newer to wordpress, except posting article; I can do nothing with it. When I install Google Analytics plugin to wordpress, there is an error message saying “the plugin doesn’t have valid header”, I googled lots of solutions online on this problem, but none can fix the situation as I encounter. And this night, I want to try out another way to fix it, but luckily, it’s done this time, I am so happy, and would like to share my solutions to anyone who has the same problem as me, for the details please review the following steps:

Let’s take a Google Analytics plugin for instance.

Download Google Analytics plugin here;
Unzip this file (such as google-analytics-for-wordpress.zip);
When you open this google-analytics-for-wordpress folder, you will find there are two folders located in it, those are MACOSX and google-analytics-for-wordpress folder, that is the reason why you active this plugin, the error (the plugin doesn’t have valid header)?came out, so, what you should do is to remove one of folders according to your computer’s type, such as, if you are using PC, you should remove MACOSX folder, then compress google-anaytics-for-wordpress folder to zip file again, and upload it to wordpress, there are two ways to help you finish this task:

a. by wordpress: upload this zip folder to wordpress directly through wordpress: click Plugins>Add New

b. by ftp: upload google-analytics-for-wordpress foler (uncompressed one) to plugin folder by fpt

(in FTP, you must keep plugin folder structure like this: plugin>google-analytics-for-wordpress folder>google analytics related files, such as readme.txt, screenshot-1?and so on?(it will not contain MACOSX folder or any other unrelated folder))

After installed it successfully, you can active it at admin panel!

Go to http://www.imeshootings.com/blog/howto-wordpress/plugin-not-valid-header for more details.

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