WordPress Plugins. I’ve had a few people ask me what ones I use, so I’m going devote this short article to telling you about the ones I use.? They’re dead easy to install. Basically you just click Add New under your Plugins (down the left handside of your Dashboard).

A page will come up and you type in to the box at the top the kind of help you need. So with seo, for example, just type in ?seo’ and you’ll get a list of options for seo plugins. Look at the star ratings and take your pick.

When you’ve installed the plugin, ?activate’ it. Then go to Settings (bottom left of your Dashboard) and click on your new plugin (in the list) and on the page that opens scroll down and click ?enable’ . And that’s it.

Here’s my list:

The All in One Seo.

Does exactly what it says on the tin ? helps you with maximising seo on your site.

All in One Webmaster

Allows you to add Google, Bing, Alexa, Blog Catalog, yahoo’s webmaster and Analystics code to your site. Basically helps you get stats (analytics) and earn money (Google adsense).

Broken Link Checker

Keeps your site free from broken links. The more broken links you have on your site, the more you compromise your ranking with search engines. ?Don’t have your site drop down in the search engine rankings because of this.? Broken link checker notifies you when it’s found any broken links and it gives you instructions how to remove those links easily.

Cbnet Optimizer

This one notifies sites that you have new content. Let’s say you just posted some new content. This plugin senses you’ve written this post and notifies all the ping aggregators that you’ve just published a new post. So they will then put a snippet of your content on their sites.? This makes it easy for the search engines to come in and index your content. Which in turn helps your ranking and overall browser performance.

Chennai Central

I’d never heard of this one till the other day ? thanks to internet guru Keith Baxter with Epic Traffic. ?(You should check these guys out if you haven’t already, they have some great videos with useful content). ?So this plugin saves your server bandwidth and, therefore, saves you money.

As you may know, the search engine bots continually spider your site, which slows it down, (particularly relevant if you’ve got video up there) and does no favours for your visitor’s experience or your rankings. This little plugin tells the spider bots, ?Look, you don’t need to search all over again, stupid, nothing’s changed, come back when we’ve added new content.’ So the search engine goes, OK, see ya later. Then, when you do add new content, Chennai Central welcomes in the bot and says, ?Hey, man, I got some new content, what do you think of that? Come over and index it for us, would ya’. And they do.


There are two types; one for visitors, one for search engines

Dagon Design Sitemap Generator is for visitors and xml sitemaps is for Google. Basically, what these do is make it easier for the bots to index your site.

GD Press tools

This one keeps your database optimized. If your site is slow ? 3-5 seconds ? the bots say, ?This site sucks, it’s so slow, can’t give these guys a top rank.’ So your site slips down a notch. Don’t let that happen, you have enough trouble keeping up there with all the competition headed your way. The faster you can make your site, the better off you are.

Simple Captcha

Fed up with comment spam? Sure. It’s a time killer. Now you can stop the spam.

WP Super Cache

Speeds up your site considerably. Creates static html pages based on how people visit your site.? Every time someone visits your site, your posts have to be pulled out of a database ? and that process slows your page load down. So this plugin creates a snapshot of the post and creates a fast loading page so it loads quicker when the next person visits. It also updates those ?snapshots’ if you go back in to edit your post.

WordPress database backup

How many of us keep backed up. Then kick ourselves when we forget. Shit happens. This plugin will keep your site backed up. You never know who might shut you down or why. If you’re backed up you can move your site and set up another hosting account, restore backup and within 2 hours your site’s back up in running.


This plugin will re-tweet your posts ? that’s to say a 140 character post about your posts. You can select how often you want it to do this. Should bring you a little extra free traffic.

OK, that’s my list. I’m sure you can think of others. If you can, why not tell us in a comment? Now I’m plugging in to some world cup football;)


Nicholas Penrake is a senior copywriter, freelancing at London ad agencies. He is also an online entrepreneur/mentor, working with YourNetBiz and an affiliate marketer. Nic is a published novelist – ‘Sisi & Sonia’ (visit amazon) – produced playwright, scriptwriter and writer director of film.


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