At an time at information is acquirable to anyone at the press of a switch, an turn of the dial, and now, the press of a switch, news media has had to adapt at order to continue to please and inform the reader. According to the continuing change of views and preferences of our community, news meda has gotten on some roles in order to satisfy those transformations. The Star Tribune, the Asian Pages, The Star Tribune and the Asian Pages are examples of some types of newspapers with some styles of providing news. Each of their papers covers certain events & issues at certain ways, thus making each media appeal to an specific spectators.

The New York Times started its power when Adolph Ochs, CEO of the Chattanooga Times on 1870s, plant 75000 USD at the climbing Times. Ochs founding his own newspaper about including important news, cost less attention for unimportant information & booming words. With that move, along with lowering the cost of the newspaper to a 1$, company grew to be 4th most important everyday news media at the United States along exceed 1 million daily exemplar at publication at ’98.
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