Image Overlay Ads is a software tool that you can use to generate a good online income with only 15 to 20 minutes of work per day. There is no need to have any special technical skills to be able to use this software – it is a simple to install plugin that will explode the revenue that you can generate from your website. This is the one shortcut that is completely legal to use but also extremely effective.

With Image Overlay Ads you will be getting your hands on a one of a kind plugin that will give you a unique way to generate even more income from your websites. Once you have it set up you will start to see more and more revenue on auto-pilot. You will be able to get all the subscribers and all the money you desire virtually overnight. The plugin will place an advertisement on each of the images that you have on your website and since the eye is automatically drawn to images when a website is visited then this means that more people will see your advertisements and click on them. It can be installed on your website in only ten clicks and you will see a major increase in the amount of advertising revenue being generated by your website.

Image Overlay Ads works with all modern browsers and supports Facebook, digg, YouTube, Twitter, Google Adsense, and many, many more. The WordPress plugin will work on any WordPress website, it works with any advertising network, and it supports both flash and rich media advertisements. This plugin will give you the capability to imbed videos inside of images, allows you to get opt-ins from within any image (and works with all major autoresponders), and works with all different image sizes. You can get access to the plugin, a tutorial on how to use the plugin, traffic strategies, and an introduction to CPA networks for a low one-time payment of only . The entire system comes with a sixty day money back guarantee, so if for any reason it does not perform exactly as you desire then you can request a full refund.

The Image Overlay Ads software is currently being used by some of the most successful internet marketers on the internet. These marketers include Mason Joseland, Marvin E. Casas, Larry McBride, and Mitchell Blake. They recognize the value of this plugin and if you have been looking for a new and unique way to generate revenue on your WordPress website then you will want to give this plugin a try.

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Justin Brown is the owner of several websites.? He has been working for 18 months in the Internet Marketing field, and earning a full-time income while doing it.

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