Instant Action Profits is the newest release when it comes to affiliate program creation. The cool thing about this one is that it’s a wordpress plugin!

For anyone who knows anything about wordpress, you know how much easier the plugins are as far as getting your site to do things you want it to do rather than using scripts.

Instant Action Profits works very much like a script called The 7 Dollar Script and another script called Rapid Action Profits. These were both designed to create hands off affiliate programs for product owners. The way they work is by setting a rotation on payments so that you and your affiliate both get paid 100% of the sales total upon purchase.

Because it works on a rotation, the product owner gets the first payment and then the affiliate gets the second payment. There is also integration with a OTO or One Time Offer that also works on the rotation the same as the original sale.

The cool thing is the rotation can be made into anything you want it to. If you want to pay affiliates 100% commissions, you just set the rotation to only pay the affiliate. Push button simple and easy to use.

While most scripts are difficult and very time consuming to set up, Instant Action Profits can be installed and read to roll in less than 5 minutes. It also supports multiple languages as well as different currencies which is a big plus.

Other features include the ability to auto subscribe buyers to your Aweber, Profollow or any whitelable version of Aweber all during the buying process. This is huge when it comes to making sure you not only have that list to be able to market other products to later, but also to make sure you have your customers contact information so you can notify them of any upgrades to your products.

Tracking is another great feature of the Instant Action Profits WordPress Plugin. Some of the stats you can see are:

* Your Sales
* Affiliate Sales
* Your OTO Sales
* Your Affiliate OTO sales
* Your Refunds
* Your Affiliates Refunds
* Top Affiliates

When it comes to filling a much needed void in the market, this wordpress plugin has done just that. There will also be a lot of upgrades done to it as well and many new features to be added.

Visit the Instant Action Profits website now to see a simple video on how easy it is to set up. Instant Action Profits WP Plugin will change the way affiliate programs are used.

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