Akismet : This plugin helps to protect wordpress blog from spams. Usually this plugin come inbuilt in wordpress blog. You just have to activate this plugin, but you need wordpress.com API key to use it which you usually get when you log on to the wordpress.com.
Statcounter : This plugin will give you exact statistic of your blog. It will show you number of visitors, unique visitors of your blog. You simply need to log on to statcounter.com and follow the procedure.
Excerpt Editor : Excerpt Editor provides a convenient place for creating and editing all wordpress excerpts. It can also add custom excerpt for pages (not possible without plugin).
Favicon : This plugin easily puts favicon to your wordpress site. You can specify any arbitrary file, either locally within your installation, or at an arbitrary URL. You can also optionally have the image included in your RSS or atom feeds or both.
All in one SEO pack : This plugin adds meta options to your wordpress environment. It adds title, description and keywords options that you can put in your each post. Without plugin your page would not have meta description and title would be your default blog title.
Oovoo : This plugin adds video chat option to your each post.
Wapple Architect? plugin: This plugin will mobilize your blog. This plugin has its own options for mobile theme, meta tags etc.
WordPress EZ backup: This plugin will help you for creating backup archives of your entire site.?And allows backup archives of any MYSQL database you choose. You will also get automatic backup database option in this plugin.
Addthis : This plugin automatically adds one button at the bottom of your each post which allows visitors of your site to easily share or bookmark your post on social networking sites.

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