New WordPress plugin called SEOPressor was made available to the public by “The SEO Guy” Daniel Tan.

The beauty of this SEO plugin is that it will systematically analyze the various aspects your on page optimization while providing you with a true picture of your website. When it comes to keywords, SEOPressor will provide an exact standing of how your keywords are getting ranked and whether they should be reformatted by making them bold, italicize or underline to improve their rankings.

The plugin software will intelligently add ALT Tag to your images. It will also check your Title, H1, H2, H3 title tags. There are many little things that matter but the SEOPressor plug in will keep a sharp eye out for all on page factors that are relevant to the search engines.

Another good feature is that it can automatically emphasize keywords in your text as recognizes your headings too. Search engines take more notice of headings which are normally emphasized in bold or underlined. Really speaking, the search engines see the important parts of the page the same way you read the important bits.

Your Keyword density is something that is also critical and the monitors at what level your density is running at. Anything over 5% and your article will start to look like spam and anything below 2% and your keywords will start to get lost in the text.

SEOPressor is not like any other tool you currently use, it doesn’t just alert you to various problems and it is intelligent enough to give you suggestions to further optimize your pages.

With the click of a button you are given an SEO score of your post or page letting you know instantly the true value of any additions made to your website. The moment you make changes to improve your score, the plugin will give you the updated score and offer suggestions to improve your sites relevance to the search engines.

The SEOPressor by Daniel Tan will literally foolproof your WordPress websites on-page factors because it automatically checks but most importantly suggests changes to various components of your pages. This plugin can be easily managed through your WordPress dashboard.

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