Votre Vu originated in January ’07 on a mission to bring the most effective natural skincare to the United States, but at reduced prices than most products. The founder and CEO with the company is Harold Zimmerman and he combined centuries of French Research and the creation of successful skin treatments with American ingenuity plus a viable marketplace. It look about 18 months to formulate the perfect product. Sept 2008 is when the establishment officially launched.

Within the first 8 weeks of its launch, the business had near $1 million in sales and a ton of customer comments. Zimmerman choose direct selling as its business model to avoid having its customers pay a high price for products, and without having the high cost of advertising. Also, in two months, the company had a growing salesforce of 1200 Brand Ambassadors in most fifty states.

If you determine that you want to enroll in the home business opportunity, there are 3 packages you could choose from: $69, $199, or $399. There’s also a $29 yearly renewal fee that you need to pay annually on your anniversary of the signup. Every item you sell, you may receive up to and including 30% profit and you will also recieve an override income depending on your team’s sales. The organization offers several bonuses including a matching cycle bonus plus a lifestyle bonus earning an extra $2000 per month.

Votre Vu encourages selling the products online. Afterall, if you only share the merchandise and opportunity with people you know, you will eventually exhaust people to talk to. So, promoting yourself on the internet is a great way to increase your business. Unfortunately, folks don’t understand how to market properly so that it is profitable. What a lot of people do in multi level marketing is that they go on to Facebook and post their website link on their own wall and their friend’s wall. People are really starting to dislike when their friends try this and they start ignoring it after awhile.  Also, should you post plenty of links, Facebook will close your account down, so if this is what you do be cautious. If you want to build a big business you have to be exposing your organization to several people daily, this is where you can use the net to your advantage. But, you must learn the strategies that actually work and will make you successful.

After reading this  editorial, you will aspire to turn on your training and uncover marketing talent that will bring you representatives to grow your business and be the leader you aim to be, Get access to our completely free resource handbook, click here: Votre Vu.


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