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WordPress is the largest blogging platform in the world. It has the best support and a huge ecosystem of products that provide additional features to the blog. Some of those products are WordPress themes and WordPress plugins. Therefore build a WordPress blog.

Marketing your blog

Once you create content online it is time to market it. The best approach is to rank high on Google for searches related to the content you publish on your blog. There are a huge number of tools, especially designed for a WordPress blog, that enhance the Google Search rankings. An example is “All in one SEO tool” Plugin for WordPress.

Creating your blog

It may seem difficult to create a WordPress blog. But the popularity of a WordPress blog has resulted in various automatic options to create a WordPress blog. Installing a WordPress blog using HostGator hosting services is a one-click operation.

Blog Appearance

The popularity of WordPress blogs has resulted in large community of developers offering Themes. These Themes create the appearance of your blog. There are several free WordPress themes available online. The best themes for a WordPress blog are those that are free and that are simple yet professional.

Optimize your blog

There are several free and simple tools to increase the speed at which your blog is rendered. This improves the user-experience. There are tools to track popular sections on your blog. You can track blog contents based on categories or based on tags. You can then integrate it with Google Analytics to view all this information in a quick and meaningful fashion.


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