I never thought that generating MLM leads coudl be this easy – that is if I hadn’t caught a mistake I made.

What is significant is that I had forgotten to add the “Facebook Share” button to my WordPress blog. This one little button has opened up a whole new area of traffic and lead flow from Facebook, which I will show you here shortly.

It’s sort of comical when you realize that I created a 2 part series on the Top WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketers, and failed to add in the Facebook Share button.

Like a parent trying to make up for leaving one of their kids out of an activity, I’m overcompensating by dedicating this article to the Facebook Share plugin and how you can use it to generate more traffic to your blog from Facebook.

What It Does…

If you already have the TweetMeMe button (which I’ve had since the beginning of my blog) then the Facebook kind of completes the formula for for helping to generate more traffic and leads from the two largest social interaction sites on the net.

That is, unless you’ve already got too many leads and too much web traffic. You were probably rolling around in honey and then rolled in 0 bills last night just so you could see how many you could get to stick to you.

In that case, just pass this article on to your friends and get back to rolling in your money.

How To Install Your Facebook Share Button:

1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.

2. Click on the “Plugins” tab on the far left and then”Add New”.

3. This will open a new section with a search bar that says “Search Plugins”.

4. Type: “Facebook Share (New)”. This is the one I am currently using. You can click on the title name and it will send you to an information page about the plugin itself.

5. You can actually click the “Download” button here which will download the zip file for the Facebook Share Button. Unzip the file on your desktop. Make sure you know where it is. Then simply upload the file to your webhost. You’ll need your passwords for your webhost. And you’ll have to have a basic knowledge of how to upload files to your webhost to do this but it’s really easy if you’ve done that before.


6. Instead of clicking on the Download button and doing all of that work, stay on the Search page that lists the “Facebook Share (New)” plugins, and simply click the “Install” link on the far right after the rating stars. This will download the plugin directly to your WordPress blog.

7. Activate the Facebook Share plugin by going to the “plugins” link in your Worpress dashboard. Just find the plugin in your list and click the “Activate” button.

8. You’ll have to configure the plugin before it’s ready. At the far left of your Worpress dashboard where you found the “plugins” link, there will now be a “Facebook Share” section at the bottom just above the “TweetMeMe” section if you have that plugin downloaded.

9. This is where you will go in and play with the settings and configure what you want your button to look like, where you want the button to sit in your posts, etc.

10. Analytics. There’s a cool option below the settings link called “Analytics”. This is where you will be able to track how people are using your Facebook Share Button. As network marketers, we should always be testing and researching our marketing. This analytics section will show you which posts of yours are getting shared, how many clicks you’re getting from the button, and other cool data.

Now, I’m not saying this to try and distract you from marketing, BUT I feel that this is a necessary plugin that you need on your blog posts. If you’re looking at increasing your blog traffic and monetizing the posts to generate more MLM leads from that traffic, then you need the Facebook Share button

Generating MLM Leads From Facebook:

As you know, the ability to Generate MLM Leads from Facebook can be a powerful strategy to possess just on the strength that those leads are FREE. If you want to learn the simple step-by-step formula that will help you generate Free MLM leads from Facebook, visit my website at my Facebook Marketing Blueprint.

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