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The more I work with WordPress, the more I like it. It has a couple of important features that Blogger doesn?t yet support. The user friendly format allows ( lets | permits ) you to spend more of your time ( energy | effort ) focusing on how to make Money With Your Blog.

Number 1:
You can set up ( configure | initiate ) WordPress to automatically ping all the RSS and blog feed directories every time you make a post. This is an incredibly ( very | immensely ) strong feature, especially, if you want ( desire | need ) your blog to get a lot of traffic right away. In addition ( Also | I might add ), you?ll be quickly developing ( adding | conjugating ) backlinks to your blog almost automatically. As I have said many times if you can get ( receive | develop ) a lot of traffic then you will make Money with your website.
Think ( Ponder | Consider ) about how long it can take you to build ( create | start ) a typical site, get the search engines to index it, get backlinks to improve ( help | grow ) your ranking, and then begin to get traffic. A blog like WordPress can do that time consuming work for you automatically, allowing ( letting | freeing ) you to get down to the business of making Money With Your Blog.

Number 2:
Wordpress lets you use Categories. Categories are a very ( extremely | immensely ) powerful way to improve the structure ( navigation | building ) of your sitemap ( website | blog ) both for human visitors and for the search engines.
Let?s say you have several ( many | five | a lot of ) different topics ( issues | threads ) that you discuss on your blog. You can separate them by making each topic ( issue | thread ) a different category. By doing this you make your blog ( website | site map ) much easier to navigate for your visitors and the search engines.
Now when you want to add a post to your blog ( website | site ), you can choose which of your categories your post belongs to. Now ( Then | So ) your blog will archive your past posts not only by their month and date, as Blogger does, but also by Category. This is very user friendly for the visitor that is looking ( seeking | digging ) for specific information.

So if you have a visitor who is especially ( only | very ) interested in generating traffic, they can ( will | should ) easily find all your posts, categorized. They don?t ( won’t | shouldn’t have to go through your entire archives to find ( locate | discover ) them. With a blog ( website | site ) that has been around for a bit ( lot | bunch ) of time and has hundreds of posts, that could become a daunting task. Using Categories makes it very easy.
As I mentioned ( said | stated ) before Categories are also very ( unusually | immensely | hugely ) search engine friendly. When you use ( implement | initiate ) Categories in your blog ( website | site ), there is a link on every one of your pages to your categories. Think about ( on )this: would you rather ( prefer | like ) be #1 in the search engines for March 2003, or for one of the main keywords of your site?
By using ( instituting | implementing ) the Category feature, you will eventually ( soon | shortly | sooner or later ) have hundreds of pages on your site with links to every topic ( issue | thread ) that you cover. All those backlinks to those keywords can result in much higher search engine rankings. And all those backlinks also help you to make money with your website.
Compare that to adding a new page on your typical ( traditional | usual | normal ) website. Even if the search engines find your new page right away, it might be a month or two before it actually gets indexed and starts drawing traffic. It could be a very long time before it enjoys a first page position for its keywords.
It is so ( truly | really | simply ) amazing how easy all this is with a well-structured blog like WordPress with Categories enabled!
That?s all for now,

The Money With Your Blog Site Team

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