Best WordPress Plug-ins can be extended WordPress to do almost anything that you can imagine in the directory like finding, downloading, rating, and commenting on all the best plug-ins in the WordPress community that has offer.

In blogging with a Best WordPress Plug-ins that offers users so many choices, including a variety of plug-ins that meet different needs, but there are some for fun and others are very functional and useful for a variety of purposes.

A Related Posts- this plug-ins shows a linked list at the bottom of a particular post and this is excellent in keeping readers at your blog. They will finish one post and see list of others that contain a relevant content and just keep clicking through and reading as long as they interested in your content. This kind of plug-in is a best for any blog, especially for those with many older posts that they still want to bring to the attention of readers.

The Adsense Deluxe- this plug-ins will allow you to place Adsense ads on your blog. If you run Adsense ads on your blog and when people click on them you can get paid for it and the amount of pay varies by topic and a variety of other factors with ads ranging from one to three cents per click up to several dollars per click. Moreover, Adsense uses the content of your page to determine which related ads will run in making more likely to click on those ads, and best for niche blogs on a specific topic.

The SEO Pack- this plug-ins will help you to optimized your WordPress Blog for search engines and it will help you to choose titles, descriptions and keywords to help you get better listings with the search engines.

A Feedsmith- this will allow those who prefer reading blogs via RSS feeds to do so without having visiting your site and so many people will sign up for feeds rather than to visit every blog site they read every day. So, if you don’t get your blog in a feed you are missing out a valuable chunk of readers but there are dozens of plug-ins designed to help you copyright and optimized your feed, including advertising.

The Aksimet- stops spam in its tracks and when comments and track back links are spam-my, Askimet catches ?them and asks your approval before posting and so you can search comments then by IP to find all the comments by one person as well as searching by user name.

The WordPress Captcha-Free- this plug-ins stops automated commenting without requiring each commenter to type in a hard-to-read captcha and by this blog-plug-in is designed more for both and automated spam comments while Askimet that catches individually posted comments.

The WordPress Popular Posts- this plug-ins adds a widget to your blog similar to the related posts that you can customize in a variety of ways to show the information that you want and so plug-ins shows your most read blog posts.

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